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GCCHSA Statement of Faith

The GCCHSA believes:

The Holy Bible, defined exclusively as the Old and New Testaments and consisting of 66 books, is the only inspired and infallible Word of God, inerrant in the original autographs; it constitutes the divine and only rule of faith and practice; it is the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of men.
(II Timothy 3:16-17; II Peter 1:19-21; Revelation 22:18-19)


The God of the Bible is the only true God and there are no other gods; the Biblical God is the
Creator of the world; He is holy, just, righteous, and perfect; He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient; He had no beginning and has no end; He is one spirit being, existing eternally as three persons - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
(Deuteronomy 6:4, Matthew 28:19, I Corinthians 8:6)


The Jesus Christ of the Bible is God incarnate, which means God came to earth in the form of a
man; He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin; He is, in the flesh, fully God and fully man, except without sin.
(Luke 1:34-35; John 1:1-5, 14; I Corinthians 8:6; Hebrews 4:15)


All men were originally created in the image and likeness of God, but fell from perfection through disobedience, incurring both physical and spiritual death; all men are sinful in nature (born with a sin nature) and, therefore, under God’s condemnation (separated from God); man can only be reconciled to God through the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
(Jeremiah 17:9; Romans 3:23)


Jesus Christ paid the penalty for sin by His death on a cross and His bodily resurrection from the dead.
(Isaiah 64:6; John 3:16-17; Romans 6:23; I Corinthians 15:1-4)


Salvation is the free gift of God and not the result of our good works; it is provided through Jesus Christ to all those who repent and believe in Him, thus becoming children of God.
(John 1:12; John 3:15-16; John 10:28; II Corinthians 5:8, 17, Ephesians 2:8-9; I John 5:13)


Jesus Christ is now seated at the right hand of God in heaven; He is our great High Priest and
Mediator, who intercedes to God on our behalf; therefore, we can pray directly to Him.
(I Timothy 2:5; Hebrews 8:1)


Jesus Christ will come again to judge the world, to establish His kingdom in righteousness and peace, and to receive into the presence of God all those who have believed in Him.
(Psalm 9:7-8; Luke 21:25-28; John 14:1-4; I Corinthians 15:52; II Corinthians 5:10; Titus 2:11-14; Revelation 20:6, 11-15)


The GCCHSA also believes that:

God creates human beings in His image as two distinct genders, male and female.
(Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:22-23)


Marriage is a God-ordained institution consisting of the union of one man and one woman.
(Genesis 2:22-24; Matthew 19:4-6; Ephesians 5:22-23)


All life is sacred from conception to death, and that individuals are known by God from before the foundation of the world; human life begins at conception, and death is under the sovereignty of God and not man.
(Psalm 90:10-12; Psalm 139:13-14; Jeremiah 1:5; Ephesians 1:3-4; James 4:13-17)

I agree with the GCCHSA Statement of Faith and have, by the grace of God, received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I hereby apply for membership in the GCCHSA under the classification checked below. I agree to be an active member of the GCCHSA and to abide by the By-Laws and Policies governing the GCCHSA. I understand that the GCCHSA carries group liability insurance, but that this insurance does not provide accidental/medical insurance for members of the GCCHSA.

As a member of the GCCHSA, I agree to indemnify, save harmless, and defend the GCCHSA organization, its volunteers, and others working on behalf of the GCCHSA from and against any and all claims, losses, attorney’s fees, damages, or injury, including death and/or property loss, expense claims, or demands arising out of or caused or alleged to have been caused in any manner by my participation in the GCCHSA.

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Dolores McCloskey, Membership Secretary
106 N. West Blvd.
Newfield, NJ 08344