student hot glues a crystal to a staff, table top game, backlit biology experiment, students stands holding a foil, FPV goggles, transmitter and tiny whoop drone, cooking utensils, student's handing w Score and rehearsal for Babes in Toyland during the Spring 2019 semester a whisk in a bowl of frothed liquid from How to Boil Water during Spring 2019 semester two PHS students practice Ballroom Dance during Spring 2019 Semester money and worksheets from Japanese during Spring 2021 semester fencing gear including foil, glove, and helmet sit on the floor next a PHS student during a spring 2019

Peter Hoh To All Instructors

Peter Hoh grew up taking things apart and building forts in his backyard. He graduated college with a degree in English. As a 4th grade teacher in the early 1990s, Peter redesigned the science curriculum to make it hands-on and textbook free. He left classroom teaching to be a stay-at-home dad. For the past 20 years, he’s been leading science and engineering programs in informal educational settings (museums, libraries, and after school). He’s an active volunteer and occasional instructor at the Saint Paul Tool Library.

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