How to Join Planet Homeschool


Welcome to Planet Homeschool!

We’re delighted you’ve chosen to join our community!

Planet Homeschool is a secular homeschool co-op for middle-school and high-school students ages 10 years to 19 years. Individual classes may be further restricted in age.

Planet Homeschool classes and clubs are open only to Planet Homeschool members.

Before joining, please read through our co-op’s Community Expectations, take a look at our co-op’s Course Schedule, and check out our co-op’s upcoming Important Dates.

Community Expectations Course Schedule Important Dates


Mission Statement

Planet Homeschool is open to all faiths, beliefs, and educational styles. In all that we do we work to include, respect, and learn from individual differences in ability, gender, culture, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, and educational philosophy.

Becoming a member of Planet Homeschool and registering for classes is a four-step process:

Step 1: Create a new Family Profile:


Make sure you save your user name and password because you will need them to log in later.

Please review our co-op’s Community Expectations with your student(s).

Student Agreement Form


Step 2: Pay your membership fee.

When you click CONTINUE at the end of the family profile form, there will be a link to sign in to your newly created account where you can pay your membership fee invoice via PayPal.

Statement of Account Family Profile required

About the Membership Fee How to Pay Your Membership Fee

  • Families who are signing up only for online classes & events do not need to complete this form.


COVID-19 and In-Person Classes

COVID-19 Policies

You must also complete a COVID-19 Vaccination Affidavit and Assumption of Risk if you wish to attend in-person classes & events. This policy reflects the preferences of our co-op’s members and instructors as well as guidance from public health officials. (Those who are signing up only for online classes & events do not need to complete this form.)



Step 3: Wait for Approval

One of our co-op’s volunteers will review and approve your membership application. Most requests are approved within a day but other demands on our volunteers’ time may occasionally result in longer delays.

Membership Application Troubleshooting Membership Application Timeline


Step 4: Register for Classes

You will then be ready to register for classes …as soon as registration opens for new members.

Important Dates Class Registration — active membership required

Class Registration Troubleshooting