Inclement Weather Policy

The snowy bus stop at Belden Dr and 33rd Ave NE. 2023. Photo by Nic Rosenau. CC BY-SA 4.0.Should weather conditions make travel to or from our co-op inadvisable or conditions at Faith UMC unsafe, our co-op’s Lead Volunteers will strive to make a decision about whether or not to hold in-person classes by 8:00 AM.


In general, Planet Homeschool’s Lead Volunteers will look to local school districts for guidance with these decisions, particularly Minneapolis Public Schools, St. Anthony-New Brighton School District (ISD 282, the district where Faith UMC is located), and Saint Paul Public Schools but may opt to make a different decision if the primary reasons used by the schools do not apply to our co-op (such as considerations related to busing, food, staffing, facilities, or services) or if those schools are on a scheduled break.

MPS   ISD 282   SPPS   511MN



If a decision is made to cancel classes, that decision will be announced via a post to our co-op forum.

Once that co-op forum announcement has been posted, Lead Volunteers will endeavor to promptly repeat that announcement in the following places:

2. An announcement on our co-op’s homepage
3. An announcement on the Class Dashboard
4. A post to the Planet Homeschool Facebook Page
5. A followup email sent via the Admin:Email tool (These emails are sent to all active members and instructors regardless of their forum subscription settings.)

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If a decision is made to cancel classes, instructors are encouraged to e-mail their students their assignments for the following week.

Some instructors may choose to host an online class meeting, but instructors are neither required nor expected to have access to the necessary resources to do this.

Class Dashboard


Spring Semester Make-Up Day

Canceled Fall Semester classes will not be made up as our lease with Faith UMC does not allow us to extend our Fall Semester schedule.

A single canceled Spring Semester day can be made up as our lease with Faith UMC does allow us to extend our Spring Semester schedule by one week. Both families and instructors should plan to be available for our co-op’s scheduled Make-Up Day.

Important Dates


Image: Snowy bus stop outside Faith UMC at 33rd Avenue and Belden Drive Northeast in Saint Anthony Village, Minnesota, USA. 27 Jan 2023. Photo by Nic Rosenau. CC BY-SA 4.0.