Tuition and Fees

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What does PHS cost?

2022–2023 Membership Fee

  1. $45 per family for Fall Semester (September–December)
  2. $45 per family for Spring Semester (January–May)

Our co-op’s membership fee is subject to change should our co-op’s expenses change substantially.

This membership fee pays for our co-op’s:

  • rent (~45%)
  • liability insurance (~40%)
  • website fees (~10%)
  • other overhead costs (~5%)

Percentages vary because these expenses vary.

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2023–2024 Tuition and Supplies

There is no minimum number of classes. Students may register for one to five in-person classes per semester as well as for a variety of online classes.

Tuition varies by course and instructor, typically from $8 to $16 per hour (or $10 to $20 per class meeting):

  • $120–$240 for the 12-week 15-hour Fall Semester
  • $160–$320 for the 16-week 20-hour Spring Semester
  • $280–$560 for a 28-week 35-hour Full-Year Course
    • tuition for full-year courses is typically paid in two payments (for fall and spring semesters).

Supplies fees vary by course and instructor. Many classes do not have any additional fees, those that do typically charge from $10 to $50 per semester. Supplies fees are invoiced with tuition and paid as a lump sum.

Some courses have required textbooks or other required supplies that students must purchase independently.

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How to Pay Your Membership Fee

Before you can register for classes at Planet Homeschool, you must first join our co-op or renew your membership.

  1. Log into your website account.

  2. Click on Balance in the top menu bar to go to your family’s Statement of Account.

  3. Check the Pay box next to your membership invoice.

  4. Click on the PAYPAL button.

  5. Complete your payment on the PayPal website.

  6. If you are not automatically redirected back to your Statement of Account when your payment is complete, click the “Return to Merchant” button to do so.

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If your membership has lapsed, you’ll need to contact the Leadership Team to request a membership resumption invoice.


Paying Your Tuition and Materials Fees

Payments for tuition and supplies are (1) made directly to the instructor (2) via PayPal (3) through your Homeschool-Life-generated invoice (4) from your family’s Accounting page.

Instructors at Planet Homeschool are hired and paid directly by the parents and guardians who enroll students in their classes.

For your account to be automatically credited, payments to instructors must be made using your Homeschool-Life-generated invoice, which can be found on your family’s Accounting page.

Should you ever pay outside of the Homeschool-Life Accounting system, you must submit proof of payment to our co-op’s Finance Director via email to [email protected] to have your tuition invoice cleared. Tracking these payments creates extra work for our hardworking Leadership Team volunteers, so please just pay through your family’s Accounting page instead.

Detailed payment instructions can be found on your family’s Manage Class Registrations page.

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Refund policy

Please also read our co-op’s refund policy.