How to Renew Your Planet Homeschool Membership

Ready to renew? Wonderful!

Membership Renewal Process:

  1. Near the end of Spring semester (exact dates for the current year are posted to our calendar.):
    1. Current member accounts are “parked.”
    2. An invoice is sent to current members prompting them to pay their membership fee for the coming year.
      • If you are taking a break from PHS for the coming fall but plan to come back, you can disregard the invoice.
      • If you know you will not be coming back to PHS and want us to delete your account from our membership list, send our lead volunteers an email at to let us know.
  2. Please follow the instructions on the invoice to pay your membership fee.
    • The annual Membership Fee is $70.
    • You may pay with check or PayPal. PayPal is preferred.
      • To pay via PayPal, please use the Pay with Paypal button in the message prompting you to send in your membership forms and pay your fee.
        • You can also log into the Planet Homeschool website, navigate to your family's accounting page, and click “Pay” next to your Membership Invoice.
      • If you prefer to pay your membership fee by check, please make the check payable to "Planet Homeschool" and mail it to our Finance Director:
         Tiffany Skidmore
         1780 Snelling Ave N
         Falcon Heights MN 55113-5734
    • This Membership Fee pays for classroom space rental, web hosting fees, insurance, and other overhead costs.
  3. If you have not already done so will also need to read and digital sign our co-op’s:
  4. The last step before you're cleared for registration is to fill out a Volunteer Availability Form for the next semester.
  5. If you have paid and your account has not been unparked within a reasonable amount of time:
    • Check to make sure you completed all the steps above.
    • If you have, please contact us at so one of our volunteers can help you.
  6. Once your account is unparked (and class registration has opened), you will be able to register for classes.

Please note that registration is easier on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device.

Please let the lead volunteers know if you have any questions. We appreciate you looking over the parent agreement and the student agreement and talking over the expectations laid out in the agreements with your students, and we sincerely hope that having expectations spelled out more explicitly will be helpful for parents, students, teachers, and the volunteers who keep our co-op going.

If you have any concerns about the agreements and waiver and would like to talk with the PHS lead volunteer about them, please feel very welcome to email us at We'll also be scheduling member meetings this summer where there will be additional opportunities for clarification and discussion before class starts.