How to Renew Your Planet Homeschool Membership

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Community Expectations

Course Schedule

Family Profile

Renewal Invoice

Student Agreement.

Vaccination Affidavit


Wait for a volunteer to review and update your account.

Class Registration


1. Review our co-op’s Community Expectations and the policies linked to therein

Community Expectations

Our co-op’s policies evolve over time in response to changing circumstances and feedback from our co-op’s members and instructors.


2. Review our co-op’s Course Schedule for the upcoming semester.

Course Schedule


3. Update Your Family Profile.

Family Profile

You’ll be prompted to re-commit to abiding by our co-op’s policies and to sign a fresh Waiver and Release of Liability.


4. Pay Your Membership Renewal Invoice.

Outstanding Balances

About Your Membership Fee

If your membership has lapsed, you’ll need to contact the Leadership Team to request a membership resumption invoice.


5. Review our co-op’s Community Expectations with your student(s).

Student Agreement Community Expectations

All students must sign a Student Agreement before the first day of class.


6. Update your Vaccination Affidavit if there’s been a change a family member’s vaccination status.

COVID-19 Policies Vaccination Affidavit

A Vaccination Affidavit and Assumption of Risk is required for those who wish to attend in-person classes & events. Our co-op’s COVID-19 Policies reflect the preferences of our co-op’s members and instructors as well as guidance from public health experts.

Those who are signing up only for online classes & events do not need to complete the Vaccination Affidavit.

Members who have previously completed a Vaccination Affidavit and Assumption of Risk do not need to fill out a new one unless a household member’s status has changed.


7. Wait for Your Membership to Be Updated

One of our co-op’s volunteers will update your account from Membership Pending to Current Member.

Most updates happen within a day but other demands on our volunteers’ time may occasionally result in longer delays.

Membership Renewal Timeline Membership Renewal Troubleshooting Important Dates


8. Register for Classes

You will then be ready to register for classes …as soon as registration opens for current members.

Class Registration Class Registration Troubleshooting Important Dates