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Covide Exposure Protocol

Exposure/Quarantine Protocol

Direct Exposure

Someone in your household has had a positive COVID19 test or diagnosis of presumptive positive COVID19, or has symptoms consistent with COVID19– quarantine for 14 days ~may not attend co-op. If new person in household develops symptoms or student develops symptoms, quarantine starts over.

Student/parent/teacher with a positive COVID19 diagnosis must quarantine minimum of 10 days and be symptom free without medication for minimum of 24 hours (per CDC guidelines)

Direct exposure to someone that later develops symptoms and/or tests positive for Covid19 (e.g. visiting out of town family for the weekend and someone in the extended family tests positive 3 days later) 14 day quarantine for all family members, may not attend classes at BACH. Alternative option: all family members exposed to positive individual may choose to take a COVID test at least 5 days past exposure. If test is negative for all family members, students/parents/teachers may return to classes.

Exposure in a classroom at BACH--- students seated within 6 ft of COVID19 positive individual will need to quarantine at home for 14 days OR may obtain a negative COVID test 5 days after exposure.

Other considerations—

If a high school teacher needs to miss class due to COVID exposure and will be teaching from home, students in that class will have the option of logging into Zoom at home OR going into the classroom where the teacher will be teleconferenced in via a projector or TV. If this happens parents will be asked to take turns to sit in the class as a class monitor.

Zoom classes will not be recorded

If an elementary/middle school teacher cancels a class, please pick up your student for that class period

Middle school students with classes that are out of sync may stay in the lobby for the 30 minute break. They need to bring something to keep them busy.