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Facilities Use Policies

Rules for Facility Use

  • Please do not use the kitchen, at any time, unless for class purposes or with pre-approval from a board member.
  • Please stay off the stage, stacked chairs, instruments in the gym, and Teen Center stage at all times.
  • Limit your academic use of the facilities to the gym, hallways by classrooms and the designated classrooms. All other rooms are off limits.
  • There will be no food or drink, including coffee (unless there is a spill proof lid on the container) in any areas except the Fellowship Hall (cafeteria) and Teen Center.
  • Parents are welcome to use the coffee and tea bar but no children are allowed to use it at any time. Because of the danger of the hot water and hot coffee, please serve your own children.
  • Please keep children over the age of preschool off the preschool equipment and play area outside.
  • Please, if you play with any balls in the gym be sure they are put away in the designated ball receptacle or we will lose that privilege.


Room Use and Clean up List

  • Please do not adjust the temperature of any room.
  • Please do not open any windows in any room.
  • Please put away all tables and chairs and return the room to its original order before exiting the room.
  • Please scan the floor for trash and throw it away before exiting the room, as well as practicing good citizenship by picking up any trash observed in hallways or restrooms.
  • Please erase all the white boards before exiting the classroom.
  • Please be sure lights are turned off before exiting the classroom.