Excelsior! Homeschool Families Excelsior! Homeschool Families

In-Session Policies

Opening and Closing Services

Opening and Closing services require mandatory attendance from all families. Punctuality, courteous behavior and proper seating are expected. Parents of nursery or pre-school children will take their children to their classrooms after Opening and pick their children up prior to Closing. The K-3 teachers will lead their students to the Closing service. All other students are expected to arrive at Closing immediately upon dismissal from their third-period classes.

Electronics Policy

All electronics are prohibited from use during class or onsite unless there is permission from parents, including (but not limited to) cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, CD players and/or laptops. The only exception is when recording devices or laptops are being used to take lecture notes. Under these conditions, the student must ask prior permission of the teacher. Of course, laptop use in computer classes is acceptable when warranted by the teacher. Use of headphones during class is prohibited. Use of the WiFi is limited to academic and administrative purposes; it is not for personal use. Parents are responsible to ensure their children follow the WiFi policy, and also for any use/content their children access at Co-op.

Campus Visitors

Any visitors must have prior permission from a board member to be on campus. A visitor is someone not officially enrolled in Excelsior! Co-op. A visitor may only visit one time per 9-week term without incurring an enrollment fee. Family members are always welcome to visit, but please notify a board member ahead of time. For security reasons, all visitors must check in with the registrar and receive a proper identification badge. Teachers are not responsible for assigned work for guests, but are encouraged to provide a pleasant classroom experience for the guest.

Snow Days

In the event of inclement weather, classes may be canceled for the day. Cancelations typically occur when the Nampa School District cancels classes. At the discretion of the leadership, however, Excelsior! cancelations may occur even when the Nampa School District does not declare a snow day. Notification of cancelations will be posted on the forum by 7:30 a.m. on the morning of classes. Snow Days are not made-up. Teachers will inform students of the adjustments (if any) to the class requirements resulting from class cancelations.

Identification Badges

For security and safety reasons, all adults and children must wear Excelsior!-provided identification badges or nametags at all times while on campus. Students will not be allowed in class without proper identification worn in a visible manner. Badges should not be taken off-campus. Return the badges to your family file at the end of the Co-op day. Replacement badges will cost $2.50.

Copy Machine

The copy machine is for the use of classroom materials only.

Parent Off Site

A parent or guardian must complete and submit the online Parent Off Site Form before leaving the campus grounds without their child or sending their child to Co-op with another family. This provision is to accommodate emergency and/or uncontrollable absences only, and is intended to allow older students to keep up in their classes. Students may not be sent to Co-op with another family unless their parent has made prior arrangements for teacher/helper subs.