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What is Catholic homeschooling?

Everyone is created uniquely different and therefore over time your homeschooling should become custom to your family. With that being said there are common threads connecting all Catholic homeschoolers.

  • We are living out our vocation as first and primary educator for our children through a deeper acceptance of this responsibility. ~We have chosen to make sacrifices for the sake of our children’s spiritual and physical well-being.
  • We witness to our children that Catholic faith is intertwined in all that we do. Some examples of this are incorporating daily prayer throughout our school schedules, attending daily Masses, adding Church history with curriculum, and stressing the importance of virtue.
  • We are training saints first, scholars second. While both are done in Catholic homeschooling, we remember that the ultimate goal is heaven not worldly achievements.

Some homeschool facts http://www.nheri.org/ResearchFacts.pdf