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Registration fee $25

A non-refundable fee to register your family with Home School Academy (HSA). This fee is to cover administrative costs, including our online payment service.


NYS LEAH annual dues $30

The Home School Academy is part of the statewide organization for home schoolers called LEAH (Loving Education at Home). Each LEAH group, or chapter, decides how they want to support their families. HSA’s primary method is to offer academic classes that are difficult to accomplish at home and give parents a break. Membership in LEAH is required to participate in any of HSA’s programs. However, if you are a current member of a different LEAH chapter, you will not have to pay dues through HSA. You need to note during registration who your primary LEAH chapter will be, and chapter administrators will update the annual records each fall.

www.LEAH.org explains some of the personal benefits offered to you. LEAH is constantly watching and working for all NY State home-schooling families. They also offer support and counsel to our leadership and help us cover the liability insurance required to rent our buildings.


Tuition/Class costs


Basic costs:

  • PreK through 6th grade = $700 for the full year. That’s $25.00 per 5.5 hour day of awesome fun and learning for 28 days of the school year! (Note that all Primary students must be full day students.)
  • 7th through 12th grade = $6 per class per week results in $168 per class for the 28 week school year (with the exception of gym which is $4 per class per week).

There are 5 class periods in a HSA day, 28 Tuesdays throughout the school year, as noted on the calendar.


COVID cancellation adjustments if needed:

  • We have included a lot of flexibility in our schedule this year, so we can cancel a couple of times without it changing anything (as if it were a snow day). Our costs are based on 28 classes in the school year. If we have to cancel so many classes that we end up with fewer than 28 in person classes, this is the plan:
  • PreK through 1st grade students:

o Will receive (YouTube) video(s) and activities on their class page.

o Cost will be dropped to $6 for each day that we go online.

o All clubs will be cancelled and costs adjusted to take out the days missed.

  • 2nd through 6th grade students:

o Will receive (YouTube) video(s), activities, and assignments (where applicable) on their class pages for science, writing, and history

o Cost will be dropped to $6 for each day that we go online.

o All other classes and clubs will be cancelled and club costs will be adjusted to take out the days missed.

  • 7th through 12th grade:
    • For the most part, classes will continue online as if the students were in school, following their normal HSA schedule.
    • We have not finalized the platform that we will be using yet, but students would need internet access available on Tuesdays to follow their schedules.
    • Most classes will be interactive, but a few may choose to send a YouTube video that the student can watch and follow at their leisure.
    • A few classes, such as science labs, may choose to meet in smaller groups for longer times on another day in order to give the students the hand’s on approach that we prefer.
    • Cost will drop $1/class/week that we do not meet in person and meet online.
    • (Admin note: I know that the value goes down a lot when we do not meet in person, but the administrative and teaching responsibilities will actually go up, and the only thing we gain is not having to pay for the building. We consider it important to keep our commitment to you to cover the subjects we are covering well, which is why we are taking this approach.)
  • Admin Note for students from last year: I understand that last year’s transition online was quite rough, and we are sorry about that! We are planning and training through the summer, so if we have to go online this year, everything will be posted on the website, and it will be clearer and easier to find and follow.
  • COVID credits will be applied at the end of each semester by changing class costs based on how many days we missed.


Additional class costs:

  • Study hall - $2 per study hall per week is charged to cover rental space and staff oversight. Your student must have quiet work to do. This is not a social period. It is only an option for 7th Grade and up, and we have limited space this year.
  • 7th-12th grade Music classes may incur an extra fee since the number of students is kept low for proper instruction.
  • 7th-12th grade Math classes incur an extra fee as they will have an extra online class each week.
  • Purchase or rental of curriculum - occasionally done as a group instead of families purchasing separately.
  • Extra supply fee - classes known to incur large supply fees may add an additional cost as noted in the class description.


Multiple student discount

  • For every full day student after the first, you will receive $2.50 off your bill for each day, which is an annual discount of $70/additional full day student.
  • Multiple student discounts will be applied in late August.


Club costs: $3-$8

Extra-curricular clubs extend the day and add opportunities for additional growth. The prices attempt to cover the costs of the club and range from $3 to $8. See the clubs page for details. There are no discounts for clubs.


Supply/Admin fee:

  • Primary Building: $40/student/year
  • Secondary Building: $10/class/year
  • This is an annual supply/admin fee for regular classes. This fee covers normal classroom expenses (consumables such as copying costs, paper goods, art supplies, cleaners, etc. as well as equipment like lab supplies, storage bins, tables, printers, tvs, etc.), and a part of our admin fees.
  • These fees are added to the class fees at registration. Note that some classes incur higher supply fees as noted in the class description.


Event costs

Throughout the year, events such as field trips, drama performances, safety days, etc. will require an additional cost to attend. Other events such as science fairs and showcases are incorporated into the class costs. Please read each event description to see if there is an additional cost, and methods of payment. Events descriptions, details, and sign-ups are found on the HSA Calendar.


Flexible Payment Plan

Tuition/Class costs can be found by logging into the HSA website and choosing “Balance” from the tippy-top menu. You will not see a due date in your account. It is expected that you will pay for classes prior to your child(ren) attending those classes. The frequency you pay is up to you. For instance, if you want to pay monthly, break your total balance into 7 payments, and pay one installment on the first week of classes or before. Subsequent installments would then be due at the start of the next 4 weeks of classes (taking into account holidays and breaks). To make fewer payments, you could break class costs in 4 quarterly payments and pay at the start of each quarter, or per semester, etc. You can check HSA’s schedule and log dates into your calendar.


Important Notes

  • You are committing financially to the entire school year. We plan our classes based upon registration in August. If enrollment dropped mid-year, we would not be able to honor our commitments to our teachers, church facilities, etc. We need you to honor your commitment.
  • If you must drop out of classes we will not charge for classes after the date of notification, but there will be a drop fee of $30 per class or $100 per full day student that will help to offset our costs. Date of notification will be based on when we receive the HSA Drop/Add form which is located under the Class Registration tab. Note that until August 1, you may add or drop classes without the form and without a charge.
  • One time fees (registration, LEAH dues, supply, etc.) are non-refundable.
  • If you are brand new to HSA, and aren’t sure if the group is right for you, ask for a trial period in your registration. We expect payment for the classes you attend and any associated fees, but we will waive the drop fees if you find that we cannot meet your needs within the first quarter that you attend. You must fill out the HSA Drop/Add form and contact your facility Administrator (Lorane or Shannon) to discuss dropping out to avoid accruing additional tuition costs. Note that the trial period is for those who are actually trying out the classes, not for those who want to sign up and just keep a place in case they might want it; therefore, even new people who drop between August and our first two weeks of classes, will be charged the drop fee.
  • In general, we do not refund for days missed due to illness or vacation. This COVID year, however, presents some challenges, and we recognize that we may need to make more adjustments, especially for students who are out for long periods.
  • If HSA must cancel a day or two of classes for weather or other emergency, the school year will be extended up to two weeks in May. Beyond our two emergency days already built into the schedule, we will adjust fees if we are closed and need to go online.
  • Payment can be made in one of three methods:
  1. Online payment via Paperless
  2. Check made out to Home School Academy (or HSA) placed in locked payment box at either location on Tuesdays. (NO CASH)
  3. Check mailed to:


158 Citation Drive

Henrietta, NY 14467

If you have questions related to billing that you could not find here, please email hsafinance@gmail.com.


Meet our Financial Administrators:

Hi, we are Nathan and Sue Zampella, and we officially began our homeschooling adventure 2007, the same year our family joined the Home School Academy.

For the first 6 years Sue organized the finances and bill collecting at HSA, but with our group growing so over the years, the job has grown tremendously, and it now takes 2 people. Nathan has taken over organizing and administering the billing aspect of HSA finances, and Sue continues to keep the check book balanced and pay the bills and teachers. We both grew up in the Schenectady, NY area and have lived in Rochester since 1996. Nathan and Sue met at Clarkson University. Nathan has a B.S. in Biology and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Northeastern Seminary. Sue has a B.S. in Industrial Hygiene and a M.S. in Environmental, Health and Safety Management from RIT. Currently Nathan is the primary home schooling parent in the house, and Sue is a Health and Safety Consultant, and instructor at the OSHA Training Institute at RIT. Sue is an avid baker, food canner, and junk re-appropriation officer. Nathan is a volunteer firefighter, church elder, and primary quality control officer for Sue's baking and canning.