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Shannon Weigel
Pre-K- 6th Grade Principal 

For all of those who are new to H.S.A., WELCOME!  For those of you returning, WELCOME BACK!  

I hope you have had a chance to look around and check us out. If not, please do. There is a lot of information here. For those of you who do not know me, I am Shannon Weigel. I oversee the Primary Building, grades prek- 6.  I am so excited to be embarking on another school year with the Home School Academy (HSA), you, and your family!  Let me share a little about myself.  First and formost, I am a God-loving woman!  I am married to my best friend of 32 years and we have 4 children, soon to be 8 grandchildren, 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 8 chickens!  In my spare time I love to hang out with my family & friends, swim in my pool, and ride with my husband (on his Harley)!   

Twenty-two years ago my husband and I made a decision to set out on this crazy journey we call homeschooling.  It has been the most rewarding decision we have ever made! I love to learn and I love to help others 'love to learn'!  I have spent most of my adult life in school and teaching others.  It was through the call to homeschool that the Lord brought this passion alive.  Through God's will I I have completed a B.A. in Psychology and Human Development and a Masters of Education with a specialization in Teaching and Learning through Liberty University. God has opened doors for me to teach, inspire, and motivate others to learn and grow while still honoring the call of wife, mother, nana, and homemaker!  We serve an awesome GOD! 

In my younger years, I ran a licensed group daycare with a preschool program for seven years before I home schooled my own children for ten years. Our three older children have graduated, married, and started their own families while I continue to home school our youngest, Mackenzie, who will be entering eighth grade in the fall.  

In addition to serving as the head administrator for the primary building, I also run a tutoring service called Teach2Learn and am an online ESL teacher with VIPKid. I have recently been accepted into a Doctorate of Education program through Southeastern University (SEU).  It is my hope to one day write curriculum for our future homeschoolers to use as they embark on their homeschooling journey. 

It is an honor to be a part of HSA.  It is my hope that we serve as a blessing to you and your family as you embark on this wonderful journey! 

Primary Class Schedules

Family Registration and Class Registration are open for the 2019-2020 school year. 

Note that "Family Registration" and "Class Registration" are seperate events, even though you enter your children's basic information into the family registration.  Once a new family completes a family registration, we will approve them (usually within 24 hours) and then they can log in and complete the class registration.  Returning families need to update their family registration by logging into the site with their username and password before attempting class registration.  

Registration questions can be addressed to Amy Barnhart hsaleahregistrar@gmail.com.

HSA Pre-K through 12th grade classes all follow the same calendar of class days, which can be viewed here:

2019-2020 Class Calendar

PreK through grade 1 are contained classrooms, so the students will be in the same classroom and with the same teacher and assistant throughout the day, with the exception of some time in the gym.

Grades 2-6 students switch classrooms and have different teachers for each subject.  Students have art for half the year and music for the second half or vice versa, depending on their schedule.  ALL classes EXCEPT art and music are full year classes.  

Registrations for the primary building filled up quickly, so we made some adjustments. 

The updated (as of 9/14) 2nd to 6th grade schedules can be viewed and printed from here:

2019-2020 2nd-6th Grade Class Schedules in color

2019-2020 2nd-6th Grade Class Schedules in black/white for printing

To view class descriptions and teachers and register for classes, use the links below:

Registration Hints    

Class Information and Registration    (You can click on the classes from here to see class and teacher details!)     

*Please note, we are only accepting FULL DAY students in the Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade classes through September 1 .

Lunch and Snacks at HSA

Let's Eat! - Important notes on food at the Home School Academy

* Each student will need to bring a lunch bag or lunch box.  

* Students will not be able to use the refrigerator or microwave, so pack any cold items with a cold pack and do not send food that needs to be heated.

* We encourage you to send a water bottle with your student - especially for gym class; however, the students are not allowed to keep their water bottles on the table during class time as they can ruin the paperwork.  They should try to get a drink (and use the bathroom) between classes.

* Students are encouraged to eat in designated areas, so we do not have food everywhere.  They also must clean up their eating area when they are finished.

* Please talk to you kids about food allergies, and how some children must be kept away from certain food like dairy or eggs. We have a number of children with life-threatening food allergies including allergies to tree nuts and peanuts. Because tree nut and peanut reactions are often very severe, we have chosen to care for those children by being a NUT FREE ZONE.  Please do not send ANY food items to HSA (lunches, snacks or birthday treats) that contain ANY peanut or tree nut products. Those foods will quite literally endanger the lives of the children who have those allergies.

If you are looking for a safe alternative to your children's beloved PB&J sandwiches, we suggest you try Sunbutter. It looks and tastes very similar to peanut butter but is made from sunflower seeds. Best of all, it can be found in Wegmans so it's easy to get. Thank you for helping to keep our children safe! 

Some parents have asked about coconut. Coconut is technically a fruit although the FDA has classified it along with other tree nuts. HSA has decided that we will allow coconut both because it is botanically a fruit, and we are not aware of any of our families who have coconut allergies.

How much food?  Lunch and Snacks

Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade will have snack and lunch so please send a snack for your child plus a lunch. 
Also, please send TWO drinks for your Pre-K and K child each week. One for snack time and one for lunch. 

After School CLUBS: All students in HSA Primary (Pre-K-6th grades) staying for after school clubs will need a snack and drink.
Therefore, if your PreK or Kindergarten child is staying for clubs after school, guess what?  He/she will need to bring 2 snacks, 1 lunch and 3 drinks to school.
Feel like you’re packing for a safari?

Grades 2 -6 will not be having snack-time during the regular school day so they will only need a lunch with beverage unless participating in after-school clubs. If they are struggling and need a snack, they are allowed to eat a quick, non-messy (non- nut) snack during their breaks between classes.  If they are in a club, you may also send a quick snack & drink for after school.

First Day and Supplies Information

THE HOME SCHOOL ACADEMY’S (HSA)  Primary Building (Pre-K-6th)

First Day of Classes - September 17, 2019

* Come in the doors at the back of the building.

* Arrive on time!  Arriving 5 - 10 minutes before class is fine as we like to get going on time!

* Sign in when you arrive (and out when you leave).

* Make a name tag when you arrive as we will be using them for the first couple of weeks.

* Second to Sixth graders may want to print out a schedule and mark their classes on it, though we will also guide them.

* Go to "VIEW CLASS REGISTRATION SUMMARY" in the top right corner of the class registration page.  Click on each of your classes and make sure that you have all of the supplies needed for that class.  See more details on supplies below.

* If you have not made your first payment online, the money box will be on the sign in table.  (Checks only - written to Home School Academy).

* Make sure that your clothing follows the dress code (in Rules on main page).  Shorts and skirts must be past your fingertips!  Girls should have leggings under skirts that are shorter than knee length.  (We are a very active group!)

* Food details are below.  Remember that we are a nut-free zone!  

Here we go...See you then!  smiley


All students in 2nd - 12th grades will minimally require:   

  • a backpack or school bag
  • pencils (please sharpen before coming each week)
  • a pen
  • paper and a notebook that has a place for handouts (most teachers prefer 3 ring binders with pocket inserts)

 We also recommend they have:

  •  a small pencil sharpener
  •  scissors
  •  hand sanitizer

Specific supplies for each class are listed on the class's page


Other Donations: 

We always welcome donations of school, office, and craft supplies as we go through a lot!  We especially go through glue sticks, baby wipes (for sticky hands in Pre-K to 1st), and card stock.  We are a tax exempt organization, so you can even write off any donations.  Send a message to hsaleah@gmail.com if you have a lot of miscellaneous stuff that you are interested in donating.  If you want to bring in things like paper, glue, tissues, band-aids, etc., just drop them off with the administrative staff at the beginning of the class day.

All classes do not necessarily follow a curriculum at home, but some of them rely on it.  

Please check the class pages of your student to make sure that they are properly prepared!

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