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Welcome to the 2020-2021 Class Information and Registration Page!
Unfortunately, we had to make major changes to our normal classes
for the 2020-2021 school year. Scroll to the bottom of this page for
the full Covid Response Plan.
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If you still have questions, you can contact:

Amy Barnhart, hsaleahregistrar@gmail.com

Class Costs


You are able to move your students in and out of classes until August 9.   After that, you will be charged $30/class or $100/full day if you drop (unless the class change is our fault), and you will need to use the Drop/Add form, which will be posted here.

Please note that to change a class, you will need to drop the class in that time slot before adding a new one as classes are not allowed to overlap.

Instructions for Dropping a Class Here

Covid Adjustment Plans

Primary Building (Pre-K - 6th)

The Primary classes are being cancelled for the year. 

The Primary administrators and teachers do not think that it is worth having our teachers post videos and send assignments online for several reasons:

  1. We never had a chance to meet and establish classroom relationships for the year.
  2. Our primary program is very hands-on and the strength of it is doing those projects for the parents rather than giving them to the parents.
  3. We can not offer a day off for the parents.
  4. Many of the primary families struggle with internet access for their kids.

....So the primary building will not be online either.

Primary (Pre-k to 6th grade) do not have to drop out. We will take the class fee off your registration, so you will not owe anything besides the LEAH fee ($30) and the family registration ($25), which you should have already paid.

We will be offering videos with homeschooling tips, a place to get questions answered, community opportunities and field trips (if possible) throughout the year, online community (see Facebook info coming out soon), etc., so we encourage you to stay registered!

Secondary Building (7th-12th)

The various secondary classes will be handled in various ways, and figuring it all out is a work in progress, but I wanted to give you a head's up now! This is what I know as of 7/31:

Though we can not run classes as we normally do, we can run some of our more hands-on classes periodically.

  • This would include science labs, guitar and music classes, auto repair, electronics, debate, and Sign Language 1 & 2.
  • Students would not be able to come if they are sick or have been exposed to someone with COVID, and they would have to wear masks and social distance as much as possible as they enter the building and in the hallways.
  • For any hands-on portion of the class where they could not social distance, the students would also need to wear a mask.
  • The classes may be on an alternative day, so they do not interfere with other classes - probably Thursdays or maybe Wednesdays.
  • The classes would be at most once every two weeks, but may be spread out a bit more.
  • I will be working on scheduling these in person classes to get to you soon, and will communicate with signed up student families in the process. If we schedule a class that you are signed up for in a time that you can not participate, you will be allowed to drop it without penalty.

Gym classes will be cancelled without a charge (you do not have to drop out).  If we can schedule a gym class for those coming to the hand's on classes during the warm weather, we will, but it will be a new sign up.

A few classes had to be cancelled for various reasons:

  • Drawing II, Exploring Different Mediums will be changed to a second offering of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain in the 12:45-1:40 time slot.
  • Life Preparation is cancelled for the year, but it will be offered next year!
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry were all to be offered twice a week - one in class and one on Zoom. Mrs. Colletti does not think that she will be able to give the students the help they need if they do meet in person regularly, so she can really see where they need help, so we are cancelling the classes. We recommend that you stick with the Teaching Textbooks curriculum (which includes teaching), follow the schedule (which we will send you), and get someone that you can connect with to tutor your child. Mrs. Colletti is available as a tutor in person or on Zoom if you want to set it up with her personally. If you can't find the help you need (for example, you want to do it in person and Mrs. Colletti lives too far for you), let us know, and we will try to help you find someone to support you!

A few classes may be cancelled for various reasons:

  • Theater Clubs obviously can not offer the same experience, but we are assessing what we can do to strengthen theater skills in those who are interested.
  • Yearbook club will be cancelled as we can not really do a yearbook this year. ??
  • Digital Maker's Club will attempt to meet as it went really well for them online last year, but we will assess it as it goes.
  • High School Oratory will be cancelled because of low sign ups, but we plan to keep the one semester Intro to Oratory.
  • Beginning Photography and Advanced Photography have low sign ups, and we still need a teacher, but we think it would be very successful online, so we are not giving up on this one yet.
  • Physics Lab also has low sign ups and no teacher, but plan to seek out other homeschool groups and work on coming together, so hopefully, we can offer it.

All other classes will be offered on an online platform:

  • Some classes will be in a Zoom format while others will be Youtube videos by the teachers. It depends on what fits their class best. For example, art classes usually get taught a skill and then practice it in class and get feedback, so art teachers will probably use Youtube to teach, but then take questions and give feedback on assignments as they are turned in. Other teachers who want discussion will use Zoom or a similar platform. Occasionally a teacher will post a video by someone else they think explains a concept better, but they have usually worked hard to find the best video for the explanation!
  • All links will be posted on the classroom websites by Tuesday morning.
  • The plan is to stay with our current schedule for online classes, but adjustments may be necessary, depending on the sign ups (which I imagine will go down and then pick back up, but we will see!)
  • Students will still be required to turn in work as assigned on the teacher's time schedule and will be given grades based on their work. All work will be turned in and grades will be posted through the website.
  • We will be offering training videos and question and answer sessions for teachers and students on how to use the website.
  • Most of our awesome teachers knew this was a possibility and are adjusting to make it work, but this is a BIG adjustment, and we have a lot of work before we have a completed plan for you.

If you know that you do not want to participate online or in person with the current restrictions, please drop out asap, so we can assess the numbers and see who we are still trying to serve. We will be updating the information as we figure things out with teachers, administrators, and buildings over the next week or two. Some information may be sent only to those signed up for a specific class, so please watch the UPDATES section of your email!

The drop out date without a charge has been extended to August 9, and may be extended for some classes if we are not ready with a plan. However, as stated above, I need those to drop out who have no interest in continuing, so we can make the adjustments that we need to make!

Depending on the response we get, some classes that offer two sessions may become one, but we will do our best to accommodate all of those who are signed up.

Unfortunately, I do not anticipate the government loosening up restrictions over this school year, but if we have the opportunity for all of the secondary classes that are online to meet in person, we will at that time present it to the families participating online to decide what to do.

Again, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we serve a GOOD GOD who turns mourning into dancing, so we will continue to trust HIM! This is a lot of information, so please go back over it, once the emotional shock wears off. And watch your emails for updates!

God Bless,

Lorane Dreyer