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Welcome to the Home School Academy 7th-12th grade information page!

Though life has been tremendously altered for everyone this year, we are still able to offer classes for 7th-12th grades!

Small, in person classes meet approximately every other Thursday: 

Electronics, Science Labs (Forensics, General, Physical, Biology, and Chemistry), Oratory, Debate, Guitar (1 & 2), Song Writing, Spanish (1A & 2A), Sign Language (Intro, 1, & 2), Gym, Auto Repair, Home & Safety, Drama Club

Printable In Person Class Calendar 

Printable In Person Class Schedule

Classes that can be taught well through Zoom meet weekly on Tuesdays:

 Microsoft Office Basics, Writing & Literature (3 levels), Studio Art, Art thru the Ages, Visual Communication, Governments & Election, Understanding the Times, Economics, Creative Coding, Music Appreciation, Latin (A & B), and Health.   

Printable Online Class Calendar

Printable Online Class Schedule

Class and Teacher Details can be found here: Secondary Class Information and Registration

Class Costs can be found here: Costs

How to register and other details can be found on the Class Information and Registration Page.  

Need Help? 

We would be happy to assist you!  smiley

Email hsaleah@gmail.com, and we will set up a phone or Zoom appointment for you.  

Lorane Dreyer, HSA Administrator

Heather Nichols, Assistant Administrator

Amy Barnhart, Assistant Administrator

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