Welcome to the Home School Academy Welcome to the Home School Academy!

Rules, Discipline and Dress Code


O Obey.... Right Away - All the Way - With a good attitude!

UUnderstanding     You are here to learn. If you do not understand a concept, focus on what the teacher is saying and see if you can get it. (Teachers often explain things several ways.) If needed, raise your hand and ask questions or talk to the teacher after class. Do not say, "I don't understand what we did today." Use your intelligence and tell the teacher exactly where you got lost, so they can help you.

R - Respect - staff, others, facility

  • Focus on what the teacher is teaching. The teacher knows more than you. Listen and wait for the full explanation before interrupting with questions.
  • Answer properly when asked a question. Do not try to be funny.
  • Do not roll your eyes or sigh loudly when addressed. Answer respectfully.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Do not open doors or cabinets to see what is inside or touch things that don't belong to you. We are grateful that Calvary Community Church and Henrietta Church of Christ Church have let us rent the facilities. Do not abuse them!
  • Be aware of what you’re eating or carrying. Do not walk around with food and drop crumbs or track mud through the building.
  • Cell phones and electronics must be turned off in class. Messages can be checked during the breaks if need be. If a computer is being used for class purposes, it obviously is acceptable, but keep your focus on the class work at hand.
  • No internet usage outside of HSA class requirements.

R - Responsibility

  • Stay in the area of classes. Do not wander around the building or property. 
  • You must be in the class that you have signed up for; you can not skip a class and go to study hall, your car, or someone else's class without permission from the administrator.
  • Be on time and ready to go at the beginning of class: have books, sharpened pencils, paper, etc.
  • Be quiet when class starts, and pay attention to the teacher.
  • Keep your supplies together.
  • Get your homework assignments and do them.
  • If you make a mess, clean it up. Throw your trash away. Help keep the building neat!
  • Help clean up at the end of activities.
  • Flush the toilet and help keep the bathrooms clean.
  • Do not allow someone else to get you in trouble; you are responsible for yourself.

U - Unity

The entire class does the same thing at the same time (unless the teacher directs otherwise.) If everyone is listening to the teacher explain a concept, you should be too, not doing your homework for tomorrow, or talking to your neighbor, or picking your nose. Even if you already understand the concept, you might learn something new, but if you don't, you still have to sit and listen!

L - Love one Another I Cor. 13

  • Being patient with one another.
  • Encouraging one another.
  • Not speaking (or texting) unkindly about others.
  • No teasing or bossing others around.
  • Including everyone (not playing favorites or having "cliques".)
  • Remember that God created each one as a member of the Body of Christ with his/her own special purpose. Learn how to appreciate the differences in others instead of looking for everyone to be the same!
  • We want to be bully free - so if you see it, stop it!

E - Everyone benefits when the rules are followed

  • The teachers can teach well and go home without a headache.
  • The students all learn more.
  • Everyone has more fun.
  • The students learn skills that will benefit them for life. (Attitudes, respect, and good character often are more crucial to success than one's IQ.)

S - Self-Control

  • Go to the bathroom and get water on breaks, not in the middle of class.
  • No wild running around in the building.
  • Stay in your seat unless the teacher has you up for an activity.
  • No hitting, scratching, wrestling, kicking, or hurting other people.
  • Do not try to be a class clown.
  • Do not talk when the teacher is teaching - or hum, or make distracting noises, etc.
  • Wait until between classes to talk to your friends about things that are not part of the lesson. Don't write notes either!
  • Do not poke people or throw things at people or disturb or distract others in any way in class or study hall.
  • No chewing gum or eating or drinking in class.
  • No vaping or smoking or recreational drugs on any kind.  NO EXCEPTIONS EVER, or you will be suspended. If you need to take medicine, please talk to an administrator who will check it with your parent.



In order to promote a healthy, godly atmosphere where guys and gals can be friends and learn how to work together, we have decided to discourage girlfriend/boyfriend relationships within the scope of HSA classes. Though we recognize some relationships may develop, we prefer that development happen under the guidance of parents, rather than HSA staff and peers. If students do become a "couple" with their parents' blessings, they should still operate as friends during HSA classes and events, meaning that they should spend time in groups, without intimate touching or endearing comments. We also do not want an atmosphere of peer pressure to date or have exclusive relationships, so conversations at HSA should not focus on guy/girl relationships.



The privilege of having a school day with others includes having to adjust your attire for what is appropriate for the classroom.

NO offensive slogans on clothes

NO low riding pants (Your shirt should be able to cover your back when sit down!)

Hats are okay, but you will probably have to take them off for class, so the teachers can see your face.

Bring gym clothes and sneakers for gym!


  • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Shirts should have sleeves.
  • Shirts that have buttons must be buttoned up normally.


  • No short shorts or short skirts. Shorts and skirts can be checked by holding your arms straight down by your side. Your hemline must be longer than your fingertips. Also, skirts that are so tight that they ride up constantly, thereby becoming too short and needing constant attention to be kept down, are not good for the classroom.
  • For students at the Primary building (Pre-K-6th grades): long shorts, cropped leggings, footed leggings, or regular leggings need to be worn under any skirt that is above the knee. Our classes in this building involve a lot of movement, and the students are often doing projects on the floor. We have found that our activities leave the girls vulnerable to wardrobe malfunctions if they are wearing a shorter skirt. Even with shorts, shorts should be longer than fingertip length. With leggings, skirts need to be within an inch of fingertip length.
  • No bare midriffs, bare backs, sheer clothing, or low necklines for the girls. Therefore, wearing spaghetti straps or tube tops is not appropriate, and wearing a cami (a very fitted shirt with spaghetti straps) under something shear is not acceptable for the classroom. However, a sweater over a cami is okay if the attention is drawn to the sweater and away from the form fitting cami underneath. (Tank tops are acceptable under sheer tops.)
  • Leggings are not acceptable as pants unless they have a long top or skirt over them. The wearing of "skinny jeans" (that fit like pants), is fine, but leggings (that fit like stockings) as if they are pants is not acceptable. Leggings are great, however, under skirts or very long shirts, but the skirts or shirts still need to be close to finger tip length when your arms are fully extended at your sides.
  • Be careful with the overall picture: if you want to wear a sheath dress, then you need to have a sweater or blousy top over it. Skin tight athletic wear is not acceptable either...you do not have to worry about your clothes getting caught in exercise equipment at class!
  • If your clothes are questionable, do not wear them. Offenders will be given something alternative to wear (that they may not like) or required to get their parents to bring them another outfit.

Dress decently remembering that you are a representative of the Kingdom of God. If we are concerned about your attire, we will ask you to adjust it in the future.


  • Please keep your child home if
    • they have had a fever within 48 hours of class
    • have definitely been exposed to measles (if not vaccinated) in the last week or the flu in the last 48 hours or COVID in the last two weeks.
    • they are spewing germs with a persistent cough, running nose, or  sneezing
    • they have had vomiting or diarrhea within the last 48 hours  
  • No eating or drinking after each other!
  • Wash hands often!
  • Thank you for working together with us to keep everyone healthy for the new year.


  • Misbehavior will be addressed by the teacher or helper.
  • We follow a one, two, three warning system: the student will receive three warnings from the teacher for foolish behavior before they are sent to spend 15 minutes sitting quietly outside of the class with and adult.
  • Upon any serious offense (like outright rebellion), a supervisor will be contacted immediately and will remove the child from the class to prevent further disruption. The supervisor will then talk to the child and contact a parent if necessary in an attempt to resolve the problem.
  • If the child continues in the same misbehavior on following weeks and/or in all his classes (especially with a lack of respect for the teacher), the parent will be contacted by the classes supervisor to discuss the recurring problem and outline a plan of action to correct it. The child may be taken out of class temporarily in order for him to understand the seriousness of his training.
  • If the problem still persists, the child will not be allowed to participate in group activities until the problem is overcome.
  • Remember, we do want God's best for your family. We are on a team to train the children in Godly behavior! Often, behaviors surface away from home that are not seen at home. Problems can be viewed as opportunities to learn about and correct unwanted behavior, so that they do not continue unnoticed by parents.