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Welcome to the Home School Academy 2021-2022!  

Please see details on our Home Page before joining if you have any questions.

Our registration is a two step process:

Step 1 - Request a family membership. When all required fields are complete and you have paid the $25 registration fee, then the HSA Administrator will approve your request. The most expedient method to pay will be by setting up a Paperless account through this site.  This membership will allow you to use our site and connect you to other member families.  The only other charge (and added benefit) associated with family membership is the annual Homeschool New York LEAH membership fee of $30 which will charged to your account if you are not already a LEAH member in another group.  The Home School Academy will process your LEAH membership, so you will not need to do anything else. 

Step 2 -  Once your membership is approved, you will have access to register for classes, basketball, or martial arts.  


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