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IHIPS and Quarterly Reports

At the Home School Academy, we strive to find teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects. Unless a curriculum is chosen by the beginning of the school year, you can assume that the teacher will draw on his/her own experience and multiple resources to teach his/her classes. To report the class on your IHIPS, just name the class and identify that it is with The Home School Academy. For example, ""New York State History" with The Home School Academy". If you know the curriculum, you may also include it in your curricula list for that subject. Most teachers will also give you a syllabus for the quarter or semester with more detail once classes start.

Teachers will give you quarterly updates on what was covered either in paper or on the website, and we will issue grade reports that you can use to fill out your quarterly reports. You are still in charge of your children's education, and very few of our classes cover everything your student will need for any one subject, so you will have to incorporate our information and grades into your own. 

Tips on writing up quarterly reports from the administrator:

1) Total number of hours of instruction per quarter must be included. You do not have to report the number of hours by subject. You are required by law to include 900 hours of instruction per year for students in grades 1-6 and 990 hours for students in grades 7-12. I do not keep records of exactly how much time I spend schooling each day, but I handle this by dividing the number of hours needed by my number of school days. I follow a typical weekday school schedule, so I have 180 days of school or 45 days in each quarter. For my older kids, that means that I divide 990 by 180 and find that I need a minimum of 5.5 hours of school each school day. (It is 5 hours/day for the grades 1-6). I make sure that I have 45 school days (1/4 of 180) in each quarter that have at least 5.5 hours of academics. I then write on my quarterly report that I did 248+ hours of academics (that is 45 days times 5.5 hours). Honestly, at this point, we definitely spend more time than that on straight academics, but you may include any legitimate learning activities such as life skills (teaching them to cook), church activities (Bible studies, choir, etc.), field trips, music lessons, sports, reading, educational shows, etc. in the time given to education, so it should be no problem to get the hours that you need! High schoolers, please note: doing the required units of 108 hours each, will not fill your requirement for total hours. The courses will need to take more time, or you will have to find other things to take! Also, if you have a course that is not a full unit, you will want to have an idea of how many hours that you spent on that course to calculate the amount of credit for that course on your final transcripts.

2) Keep them brief! Mine can usually fit on one page. They must include a brief description of the material covered in each subject and either a grade or a written evaluation of the progress made. Simply write the pages covered in the text, the topics covered in a unit study, the types of projects completed, etc. See samples attached!

3) Turn them in on time! You have the power to set the dates to turn them in when you write up your IHIP. Make sure you leave time for grading and get them in! If you do not get them in, you are sending a red flag to your district that you are unwilling to comply with the law. If you are running late, call them and let them know, but make it a priority to get them in ASAP.

4) Make sure that you are filling the state requirements for your subjects. See attached sheet from my Rush-Henrietta regulation booklet for requirements.

5) Do them on the computer! Download one of the forms below and edit it to your liking or create your own form. Then you can edit it each quarter making your life much easier. Remember to save each quarter separately, so you have a record!