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Class Registration Guidelines

  • To register for classes, go into the "Class Registration," click on the class you want, and then look for the box in the top right corner that says "Register." Click the little box next to the student's name that you want to register, and then click "Register." You will need to do this for each individual class. (If your student is not showing up, then you need to edit your Profile from the link at the top of your screen and add them.)
  •  For 7th-12th grade students: print out the schedules on the Secondary Classes page to make a plan.  Use this as a tool with the "Class Registration" link. In the Class Registrations, you can click on any class for a summary of the class and a link to the teacher. Please choose wisely based on your availability and commitment as we do expect our students to do the work that they are assigned in their classes (unless there is an emergency situation, in which case, you can excuse them). You will also want to check the number of students registered for the class, so you will know if it has space in it or if you would be put on the waiting list. Once you are sure about your schedule, go back to the classes that you want and register. Note that when there are two classes in a time slot, each class is only one semester long. A repeat will be the same class, so another class should be chosen unless it is gym. Also, do not forget to register for a study hall if you have an empty period.
  • Don't forget clubs! You will not be able to switch clubs once classes have started.
  • A student will not be able to register for more than one class that occurs at the same time. If you want to be on the wait list for one class, but you want to register for another class at the same time, contact Amy Barnhart at hsaleahregistrar@gmail.com.
  • For the first few weeks of registration, you had the power to switch a class if you wanted to. Now, any changes need to be accompanied by a Drop/Add form and charges will be applied. You can link to the form here: HSA Drop/Add form
  •  The costs associated with the classes do not reflect the full day and multiple student discounts; those will be applied manually by us later. Clubs register true costs as they do not have discounts. See Cost page for more details.
  •  At the end, you can view your class registration summary by going to the "Class Registration Page" and clicking on the "Class Registration View Summary" in the top right corner. If you need to remove a class, you can do it here, and then go back to the main list to add anything. You can also view your classes on the "My Class Registration" tabs on the Secondary and Primary pages.
  • Most of our registrations are in, but we will still take registrations where there is room in the class.  
  • If you are trying to register a student and have problems, contact Amy Barnhart at hsaleahregistrar@gmail.com.