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HSA Covid Policies

Clarification on Covid policies at HSA for 2021-2022

Under God, the Home School Academy is bound by two authorities: first the government and secondly the authority of the churches where we meet.  We have chosen to follow the masking and social distancing rules set for schools as they are the closest institution to how we function when we meet, they have been the most reasonable of the standards set out, and the churches we rent from have accepted this policy.  HSA is not a school, but a 501C-3 non-profit association that offers classes one day a week for 28 days of the school year.  We support families through our classes, but the parents are ultimately responsible for all of the student's education before the government.  Likewise, it is the parent's responsibility to make medical choices for their children, and we neither collect medical records nor have any intention of getting embroiled in the vaccine debate as that is not our purpose.  We simply will follow the rules set out for the government for us to be able to legally meet as an organization, and we ask families involved to do the same when involved in an HSA activity.  We do not know what the rules will be in September, and we sincerely hope that masking and social distancing will be a thing of the past very soon.  We will all be praying and eagerly watching to see what happens over the summer, but we do not expect guidelines to come out until August.   Please note that if masking is required, we are happy to give students mask breaks and do whatever we can to make them comfortable within the guidelines. 

As for registration, we are asking families to make a commitment by July 5 that they will stay with us, regardless of whether we have to wear masks or not.  We need to be able to plan for the year, so we need to know how many students we will have, regardless.  We always accept late registrations where there is room to add more, but we will make plans based on the numbers we have earlier.

COVID cancellation adjustments are not expected this year , but if needed:

  • We have flexibility in our schedule, so we can cancel a couple of times without it changing anything (as if it were a snow day). Our costs are based on 28 classes in the school year. If we have to cancel so many classes that we end up with fewer than 28 in person classes, this is the plan:
  • PreK through 1st grade students:

o Will receive (YouTube) video(s) and activities on their class page.

o Cost will be dropped to $6 day that we go online.

o All clubs will be cancelled and costs adjusted to take out the days missed.

  • 2nd through 6th grade students:

o Will receive (YouTube) video(s), activities, and assignments (where applicable) on their class pages for science, writing, and history

o Cost will be dropped to $10 for each day that we go online.

o All other classes and clubs will be cancelled and club costs will be adjusted to take out the days missed.

  • 7th through 12th grade:
    • For the most part, classes will continue online as if the students were in school, following their normal HSA schedule, so students would need internet access available on Tuesdays to follow their schedules.
    • Most classes will be interactive, but a few may choose to send a YouTube video that the student can watch and follow at their leisure.
    • A few classes, such as science labs, may choose to meet in smaller groups for longer times on another day in order to give the students the hands on approach that we prefer.
    • Cost will drop $1/class/week that we do not meet in person and meet online.
    • (Admin note: We understand that the value goes down a lot when we do not meet in person, but the administrative and teaching responsibilities will actually go up, and the only thing we gain is not having to pay for the building. We consider it important to keep our commitment to you to cover the subjects we are covering well, which is why we are taking this approach.)
  • COVID credits will be applied at the end of each semester by changing class costs based on how many days we missed.