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Schedule Request 2021-2022

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Please note that there is a mandatory Teachers meeting on 9/2/21 at 11 AM at Living Way.

Thanks for offering to teach a class this year! We couldn't do co-op without you & really appreciate your talent and dedication.

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Have you already submitted a Statement of Faith? If you have taught a class in previous years, you do not need to submit another one. However, a signed Statement of Faith must be turned in to the coordinator via email or text before the process of adding a class begins. You may access it online on the website under Co-op Teachers Here.  You may return the signed copy to Heather at [email protected] or text a photo to 760-518-3908. 

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Teacher(s) names:

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Teacher(s) email:

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Bible Social Studies
History Language Arts
Math Science
Foreign Language Performing/Visual Arts
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Grade Levels (you may select more than one):

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Preschool Kindergarten
1st 2nd
3rd 4th
5th 6th
7th 8th
9th 10th
11th 12th
12th+ (Adult)
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Title of Class 

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Will your class be in person or virtual (online via Zoom)? All virtual classes must meet on a day other than Thursday. 

In Person Virtual
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If teaching virtually please select your preferred day of the week. If in person, select N/A. 

Use your Ctrl & Shift keys to select multiples.
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Priority times and certain rooms are reserved for classes that can take the most students. Please note that we have a general limit of 12 students for lower grade classes and 18 for upper grade. Exceptions to this limit are on a case-by-case basis. Maximum number of students: 

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Length of Class: For ease of scheduling we ask that classes are scheduled in 50 or 80 (hour & 20 min) minute increments. Please be aware that 80 minute requests are subject to availability and generally reserved for upper grade academic courses.

50 minutes 80 minutes

If "other" was selected for the previous question, please state the requested length of the class:

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Is this class a year-long course or a fall/spring semsester only? Due to our limited room availability, popular time slots mid-morning through early afternoon are prioritized for year long classes and high capacity classes.

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Please tell us when you would like the class to start- We'd appreciate 1st and 2nd preferences. If you don't have a specific preference you can simply say "no preference" or "morning" or "afternoon" if you are flexible. 

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Please don't conflict with these other classes (if no preference, please say so). You may list a maximum of two classes:

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Please tell us if you require masks be worn during your class. This is at your discretion and we welcome you to make the best choice for your circumstance.  

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Audio/Visual (A/V) Equipment requests (the regular overhead projector is the old-style overhead projector that uses transparencies) Only certain rooms have some of the items requested and your request may limit the time of the class and/or the room available. Thanks in advance for your flexibility.

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whiteboard DVD/TV
Transparencies Overhead Projector Computer Projector
ELMO document camera none
Projector Screen

The amount of time the Audio/Visual selected above will be needed (if you selected whiteboard in the above question, I will assume you want it weekly- this is for the dvd/tv or projectors):


Anything else you need to add. Use this field to let us know if you would prefer to teach outdoors or have other classroom set up needs such as ventilation or distanced seating. We will do our best to accomodate class requests for outdoor spaces. 

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Please check your email for a copy of this submitted form and let the coordinator know of any changes to your scheduling request at [email protected]