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How to Register for Co-op Classes

Instructions for Registering On-line for Co-op Classes:
Reminder:   Your CCCHG Membership for the 2023-24 school year must be paid before you will be able to pre-register your family for Grace Co-op. Please contact our treasurer  if you have extenuating circumstances and we will be happy to discuss them with you. 

1)  Complete the Online "Family Pre-Registration" by the deadline, July 15th, Saturday at 9:00 PM.  There are documents that must by read and checked off on the registration form before it will let you fill in your family's information.  Also, there are teaching requirements for most families unless specifically exempted, so don't wait til the last minute!

Once the schedule is finalized and posted (See  GRACE Co-op Fall 2023 Dates and Deadlines  for when that will be posted) , and you are ready to register your children:

2)  Click on the "Class Registration" link in the "GRACE Co-op" menu on our group website to view the Co-op Class Registration Chart.  The classes are arranged in the chart by age group, and by class period.
3) Our classes this term are listed by age OR by grade. You may have to search both for your child to get the best search results when using the "filter" function beneath the chart.
4)  Although we have tried to visually separate the age groups by color, many classes include ages from both the younger and older group.  If you have a younger child, check the yellow, white and bright green rows, looking specifically for the desired age under the class title of each class.  If you have an older child, check the  green and light blue rows, again looking specifically at the desired age under the class title of each class.  Be sure to check classes that specify one year older and one year younger to see if your child could fit into an older or younger class.  A few classes do specify that additional ages may be ok based on individual ability.
5) Click on the class title on the chart to see more information about the class, and to sign your kids up for the class.  To sign your child up for the class, check the box by their name in a particular class description and then click the "REGISTER" button. 
6)  To view your family's current class registrations, while anywhere within the "Class Registration" area, click on the VIEW MY Co-ops Fall 2023 Classes SUMMARY link at the top of the page.  To remove a child from a class they are registered for, check the box by their name under the "REMOVE" column and click the "REMOVE" button at the bottom of the page. 
7)  To go back to the Co-op Class Registration Chart at any time, you can always click on the "Class Registration" link in the "GRACE Co-op" menu on our website. 
8)  You can also find all classes for a certain age using the "GRADE" or "AGE" pull-down menu under the chart.   Select your desired AGE or GRADE, then hit the "FILTER" button to execute your search.  The full chart will stay at the top of the screen, but you will see a list of all classes for that age listed under the chart.  You can add class period to your search criteria, and hit the "FILTER" button again for more specific results. 
9)  Teachers - You can view your current student roster by clicking on your class title to open the class description, then clicking on the "VIEW CLASS ROSTER" link near the bottom right of the class listing.  Remember, people will add and delete students until we officially announce that the rosters are finalized, so don't purchase supplies until lists are finalized.
10)  We are not paying for classes online, and all classes with fees will show up as unpaid for everyone.  We are paying in cash at Co-ops, see the payment instructions at the bottom of the list of your child's class registrations summary.  If a class fee is added to your account on the website, DO NOT PAY the invoice online, it will cost us money and we will have to refund you online (which will also cost us money), and then you'll have to bring it in cash as described above.  We try to delete the invoices as they are created so we can do it all in cash (so we can immediately pay the teachers once collected). 
11)  If you have technical questions related to using the online registration system, feel free to call us and I'll walk you thru it until you feel comfortable.  If you have questions about the actual courses or course requirements, please contact the teacher listed for that class directly.
Thanks so much,
Becca White, Co-op Director
Donielle Wilburn, Co-op Asst. Director