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IMPORTANT! If you are a former member, please do NOT fill out a new membership application.  Please use the "Contact Us" link and send your name and "request restored account" and we will restore your archived account.  Thanks!

  1. There are several CCCHG policy forms that you agree to and sign online (near the bottom of this page); we suggest previewing those before filling out the rest of the application.  You can also find them on the home screen for easy review BEFORE beginning the application.

  2. Fill in required information items which are also on the application below. PLease be sure that BOTH parents sign AND date each field where it is required.

  3. The primary parent should complete a phone interview with the Membership Coordinator.

  4. Schedule your Volunteer duty by signing up on the Volunteer sign-up form or contacting our Volunteer Coordinator

  5. Pay membership fee (this can be paid at the end of 2 week trial membership).

  6. Background Screening is required for all primary parents and their spouse if applicable once membership fee is paid. These two background screenings are included in your membership fee.  For returning members, random re-screenings will be done at least once every 5 years.

What happens after I submit the online application?

  1. Once you have filled out the application, your trial membership will be reviewed and approved unless there is incomplete information on the form.  We'll contact you if we see any problems with your application.

  2. The Membership Coordinator will contact you to schedule an application interview.

  3. If after the interview you wish to proceed with membership, our Membership Coordinator will  provide you with instructions for paying the membership dues, completing background screening, and signing up for your volunteer duty.

  4. The Treasurer will add the membership fee to your account as a balance due. 


CCCHG Membership is $65

  • Full Annual Membership in our CCCHG group.  We do not prorate membership amounts, and our year runs from August 1st to July 31st 
  • For New members only: $15.00 of this amount will be used for background screening on the primary parent and spouse if applicable, which is mandatory for membership, and is non-refundable.  If membership is declined, the $50.00 remaining balance IS refundable. 
  • All other Membership fees are non-refundable.
  • For new members, you will be approved  before payment for your 2-week free trial to take a look around the website and see if you want to join.  If you decide to join, once your payment and all required agreements/waivers are received, your personal interview is completed, and your volunteer signup is done, your annual membership will be submitted for approval.  You will not be able to attend member-only events until all membership requirements are met.

Contact information is required:   A working phone number and email address are required to maintain membership in CCCHG.  You can chose to not have your information published to other group members in our member directory, but please know that your contact information will still be made available at times to group leaders and members who are organizing an event that requires you to be contacted, such as fulfilling your volunteer duty, attending co-op classes, etc.  We never post non-published contact information on a group-wide basis, but do provide it to teachers of classes your kids are taking, leaders of an activity you are helping with or attending if necessary, etc.  All disclosures remind those receiving the information that it is for official use only and must be deleted upon completion of the activitiy.   Our leaders and members take other members' privacy seriously and we have not had any problems in this area.  You agree to these disclosures of your contact information by continuing with your membership application.

Child's Birth Date is Required: We understand that date of birth is sensitive privacy data, and understand any reservation in disclosing their actual birth date.  We do require you to enter a birth date for each child (maybe the first of the month for the month/year they were born, or a date very close to their actual birth date).  The reason for this is that many of our calculations for ages and age requirements are done automatically by the system using this date.  We would never be able to look up the ages of the hundreds of kids in our group every time we plan a class, event or outing.  We never publish this information group-wide (no "HAPPY BIRTHDAYS" posted from your private membership info), and you can have it invisible to other group members.  Group leaders are trained in protecting your privacy data, held accountable, and take your data security very seriously. 

If you have questions or need further information: Please  Contact Us  and we will get back with you right away.  (The contact link is also on the main login screen for future reference.)

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Group Policies : Review and Agreement/Acceptance is Required for Membership

For each policy below, please use the scrollbars on the right side of the viewing panes to read through the policy.  (These are also available on our home page).  Once you have read each one, please sign and date below.     Acceptance and Acknowledgment of 2023-24 CCCHG Statement of Faith : 

(Use scrollbar to read document, then sign and date below.)


Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.     

  Acceptance and Acknowledgement of the 2023-24 CCCHG Code of Christian Conduct:

(Use scrollbar to read document, then sign and date below.)

Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.           2023-24 CCCHG Affirmation of Good Moral Character:

(Use scrollbar to read document, then choose correct response below to sign and date.)

I also affirm that I have not been designated as a sexual predator pursuant to s. 775.21; a career offender pursuant to s. 775.261; or a sexual offender pursuant to s. 943.0435, unless the requirement to register as a sexual offender has been removed pursuant to s. 943.04354.

I understand that I must acknowledge the existence of any applicable criminal record relating to the above lists of offenses including those under any similar statute of another jurisdiction, regardless of whether or not those records have been sealed or expunged. Further, I understand that, while employed or volunteering at Citrus County Christian Homeschool Group in any position that requires background screening, I must immediately notify the board members of any arrest and any changes in my criminal record involving any of the above listed provisions of Florida Statutes or similar statutes of another jurisdiction whether a misdemeanor or felony. This notice must be made within one week of such arrest or charge. Failure to do so could be grounds for dismissal and/or termination.

I affirm that I have read the above carefully and state that my affirmation here is true and correct that my record does not contain any of the above listed offenses. I understand, under penalty of perjury, all in such positions of trust or responsibility shall attest to meeting the requirements for qualifying for employment/volunteering and agreeing to inform the group leaders immediately if arrested for any of the disqualifying offenses. I also understand that it is my responsibility to obtain clarification on anything contained in this affidavit which I do not understand prior to signing. I am aware that any omissions, falsifications, misstatements or misrepresentations may disqualify me from employment/volunteering.

Your typed name and date is your electronic signature. Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.                            Acceptance and Acknowledgment of 2023-24 CCCHG Member Handbook: 

(Use scrollbar to read document, then sign and date below.)

Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.         Acceptance and Acknowledgment of 2023-24 CCCHG Dress Code: 

(Use scrollbar to read document, then sign and date below.)

Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.                   2023-24 CCCHG Liability Waiver : 

(Use scrollbar to read document, then sign and date below.)

Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.           2023-24 Volunteer and Minimum Participation Requirement Agreement:

CCCHG is a mutual support group, and it is required that all members will help in some way. I agree to contribute to CCCHG by attending required membership meetings (1 per year), planning/helping with an activity or function by signing up under the "Volunteer Signup" tab on the website under events (we will announce when volunteer signups are open. Thanks!) and aiding in the function of the group when possible. 

The Volunteer Signup is required to complete the membership process each year.  Alternately, I may choose to pay the $25 Volunteer Opt-out Fee when joining instead of signing up to help with or plan an event.  I understand that if I do sign up to help with/plan an event and don't follow through, I will be assessed a $50 Non-Performance Fee. 

Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.           Non-Refundable Dues Policy: 

I understand and agree that the annual membership dues are non-refundable unless membership application is declined.  Any portion of payment that I have made that was used in background screening is non-refundable under any circumstances.   This non-refundability policy includes but is not limited to:  in the event of early termination of active membership by myself or CCCHG leadership.  (Annual dues cover billed expenses for each member, as well as group expenses, and are paid to outside providers shortly after receiving.  These service providers do not offer refunds to us, so we cannot offer them to members.)  

Your typed name and date is your electronic signature.