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Thank you for your interest in our group.  The membership procedures for our group are as follows:

1.  Read and Sign Statement of Faith Agreement

  • Easiest- Go to top of your member profile and E-sign a copy and submit from there.  (Profile link is at the top right of website when logged in)
  • OR print off from link above and turn in, or scan/email to info@ccchomeschool.com.

2.  Read Member Handbook and Sign Code of Conduct Agreement

  • Easiest - Go to top of your member profile and E-sign a copy and submit from there.  (Profile link is at the top right of website when logged in).
  • OR print off from link above and turn in, or scan/email to info@ccchomeschool.com.

3.  Print out Liability Release Waiver, complete, and turn in to a CCCHG Leader.

4.  Fill out the online application with current contact information.

5. Our membership coordinator will contact you and provide you with instructions for background screening, signing up for your volunteer duty, and paying the membership dues, which are as follows:


$52 CCCHG Membership

  • Full Annual Membership in our CCCHG group.
  • For New members only, $12 of this amount will be used for background screening on the primary parent, which is mandatory for membership, and is non-refundable.  If membership is declined, the $40 remaining balance is refundable.  For returning members, random re-screenings will be done at least every 5 years.
  • CCCHG Membership comes with use of a discount code for FPEA:  If you decide to join FPEA now, or later in the year, you will be able to use a group discount code to get a discounted membership to FPEA.  Visit FPEA.com to learn more about this valuable benefit.


For new members, you will be approved before payment for your 2-week free trial to take a look around the website and see if you want to join.   If you decide to join, once your payment and all required agreements/waivers are received, your annual membership will be processed.  You will not be able to attend member-only events until membership requirements are met.

If you have questions or need further information, please email our group leader at info@ccchomeschool.com, and we will get back with you right away.  (This email address is also on the main login screen for future reference.)

CONTACT INFORMATION REQUIRED: A working phone number and email address are required to maintain membership in CCCHG.  You can chose to not have your information published to other group members in our member directory, but please know that your contact information will be made available at times to group leaders and members who are organizing an event that requires you to be contacted, such as fulfilling your volunteer duty, attending co-op classes, etc.  We never post non-published contact information on a group-wide basis, but do provide it to teachers of classes your kids are taking, leaders of an activity you are helping with or attending if necessary, etc.  All disclosures remind those receiving the information that it is for official use only and must be deleted upon completion of the activitiy.   Our leaders and members take other members' privacy seriously and we have not had any problems in this area.   You agree to these disclosures of your contact information by continuing with your membership application. 

CHILDRENS BIRTHDATE IS REQUIRED - We understand that date of birth is sensitive privacy data, and understand any reservation in disclosing their actual birth date.  We do require you to enter a birth date for each child (maybe the first of the month for the month and year they were born, or a date very close to their actual birth date).  The reason for this is that many of our calculations for ages and age requirements are done automatically by the system using this date.  We would never be able to look up the ages of the hundreds of kids in our group every time we plan a class, event or outing.  We never publish this information group-wide (no "HAPPY BIRTHDAYS" posted from your private membership info), and you can have it invisible to other group members.  Group leaders are  trained in protecting your privacy data, held accountable, and take your data security very seriously. 

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