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CCCHG Policies and How to Join CCCHG

Click on the "Join" link in the top right corner of the screen, and it will open the membership application.

The following are our group's guidelines and policies, which are required for membership.  "Agree and Sign" spaces for these policies and documents are found near the bottom of the membership application.  They are also listed here so you can click to preview them before beginning the application process:

Once you have filled out the application, your trial membership will be reviewed and approved unless there is incomplete information on the form. 

The Membership Coordinator will add the membership fee to your account as a balance due.  When you are ready to pay for annual membership, select the invoice for membership and pay.

A background check and signup for volunteer duty is done after payment is received.

Once background screening is passed and all other requirements and agreements have been met/received, your membership will be made permanent for the year.  Your membership status will be changed to "active" and you will be able to pre-register for co-op classes (if before deadline), and to signup for and attend calendar events.