Online Teaching Resources

Various Subjects, an incredible worksheet generator for math, English, handwriting, geography, and more.


Bible Class Books: Download curriculum for Old Testament, New Testament, book studies, and values. This fabulous site has more resources for Bible study than you could probably teach in a lifetime.

Language Arts


Zaner-Bloser: Language Arts education programs for reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting. Programs include workbooks, technology tools and online games, and free resources found on the website.

ABC printouts for handwriting and letter-learning practice from

Handwriting Worksheet Generator: trace or copy printing or cursive writing. Create your own wording, download, and print. Fabulous site!

Reading & Writing Journal Pages (Level 1): This writing journal is designed for K-1 readers who have a basic understanding of letter-sound relationships. It will help you teach long, short, and r-controlled vowel sounds, and provide practice with digraphs, blends, word families, and creative writing. From

Reading & Writing Journal (Level 2): Children write using words from a picture dictionary. Encourages budding writers. From

Cut-Up/Take-Home Books (Level 1): Written with a high percentage of decodable words to avoid frustration, all of the words, including decodable and high-frequency sight words, are taught explicitly on the interactive website.

Phonics Activity Worksheets: Various phonics puzzles that help reinforce what is learned from's Learn to Read website.

Learn to Read-Zac the Rat and other tales: This is's absolutely wonderful interactive website with online readable books, phonics activites, and short animated videos about reading. Phonics is presented in a systematic, sequential manner.

Word Building: Interactive online game. Learn to sound out and spell words as you move letters around and build small words into big words by replacing letters and reshuffling letters.

Apple Catch: Interactive online game. Move a fox around and collect falling words or letters. You can set the game to Parts of Speech, Vowels and Consonants, or Rhyming Words.


Printable math worksheets: Print your own customizable math drills and worksheets. A plethora of worksheets at your fingertips! The Math Worksheet Site and

Online learning modules from the UK: 11-14 yrs | 14-16 yrs

Basic facts online drills: Fact Monster | Math U See

Learn to Tell Time: Interactive online game. Set the hour hand and the minute hand to match the digital time given. Several different levels available: Time on the hour, Time on the half hour, Time on the half hour and hour, Time on the minute.

Sheppard Software: A great collection of math practice games. These are very well done and provide a good amount of practice.


Maps that Teach: Website that offers both printable and interactive world maps.

Seterra: Downloadable freeware. A complete, interactive geography outline map program.

Sheppard Software: Numerous geography learning games and interactive map quizzes.

Games for Studying GeographyCome on in and enjoy learning about the amazing world around you. The world is huge! There are so many different places to see and learn about that it might feel a little overwhelming. Cities, volcanoes, mountains, oceans, rivers, jungles, and deserts are all over the world and are waiting for you to discover them. Games are a great way to learn, memorize and study places all while having fun. Here is a fun list of games and activities that you can play right on your computer, but be careful you might not want to stop learning.


Interactive astronomy lesson from N.A.S.A.

Online learning modules from the UK: including biology, chemistry, and physics. 11-14 yrs | 14-16 yrs

Graphic Design

Free public domain clip art and vector files. - Great site to help you visualize a particular font on your computer. Lists all fonts installed on your comptuer and lets you see what your word will look like once you type it out. 

List of 50 online websites copied from

General Educational Websites: These cover various subjects and are fun educational learning games!
Khan Academy is a favorite with homeschoolers. You can learn anything from hard math problems to computer programming!

Fisher Price has some fun, educational online games for preschool

PBSKids – lots of learning games to go with your kid’s favorite shows. Some shows are not allowed in our home, so I always tell mine what they can and can not play.

Discovery Kids – Lots of games, quizzes and articles

National Geographic Kids – Animals, different countries, articles, videos and games.

I Know That – We have been using this for years. My oldest son learned his multiplication facts from playing the math drill games. It used to be completely free, now they have a subscription without ads and some extras. I like that it is broken down by subject and by grade level so you can find specific sections to practice on. Grades K-6

ABCYA – FREE educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students to learn. Allcomputer activities were created or approved by certified school teachers. All educational games are free and are modeled from primary grade lessons and enhanced to provide an interactive way for children to learn.

Knowledge Adventure – Educational games by grade, age, or subject.

Smithsonian Education Lots of games, activities and information on Art, History, Culture, Science and More! There is even a site for educators!

Fun Brain – FREE Games, Books and Comics for Reading, Math and Language Arts. Grades K-8

Sheppard Software – There are sooo many games from geography, math, animals, science and
many levels, games and activities for learners of any age.

Reading, Language Arts and Typing:
Project Gutenburg – FREE Classic Ebooks

LibriVox – We use this daily in our homeschool. All books on the public domain are available as FREE audio books!
Starfall is a favorite for reading practice!

Reading Bear – free phonics instruction!

Word Central – FREE Word Games from Mirriam-Webster.

Spelling City We love Spelling City! I love how you can take your children’s spelling and vocabulary words and make lists online. They can then play learning activities and games with their words. You can print out FREE worksheets as well. Spelling City goes all the way through Highschool.

Dance Mat Typing FREE Online Typing Program and Games

Typing Web – learn to type for FREE! You can create a free account and it tracks your progress.

Big Brown Bear – FREE introductory typing program

Reading Eggs is a fun, interactive, online world created to help children aged 3-13 to learn how to read. It allows each child to follow the lessons at their own pace. It starts with basic phonics and moves quickly to reading words and short stories. After each lesson the child is rewarded with golden eggs to spend in an online store. This program consists of Reading Eggs which is ages 3-7 and Reading Eggspress which is ages 7-13. It really does help your child learn how to read, or improve if they are struggling or behind.

Sign up HERE for a FREE 14 day trial, and during your trial period watch your emails for special subscription deals to buy a whole year. Siblings are also 50% off!

The Beginners Bible – Online learning games and videos

Adventure Bible – More online Bible games and activities

Got Questions – is a great website to answer even the toughest Bible questions!

Answers in Genesis – Christian apologetics website, TONS of articles!

History and Geography Websites:
US Mint Kids Learn about the history of the U.S. Mint, about money and the history of coins.

History Channel History Games, Quizzes, Puzzles and More!

Have Fun With History Online activities, videos and games for American History.

Seterra FREE Geography Map Quiz Game, can download or play online

Place the State – State geography game

Liberty Kids Liberty Kids was a great, educational history cartoon that used to air on PBS. The characters take place during the Boston Tea Party, and the Revolutionary Time Period. This is a fun website with games and lots of mini reporter videos showing what life was like in the 1700’s.

Mission US – United States History Games

Government Websites: for Kids Lots of different topics to choose from with games, and videos broken down by subject. Grades K-5 for Teens A safe place to learn and play online. Lots of educational topics to choose from. Grades 6-8

I Civics Lots of games and teacher lesson plans regarding the US Government. What a great addition to a government

The Library of Congress – legislative resources

Art and Music:
Art for Kids – Tutorials on how to draw, paint and more! We can spend hours a day on here! This is great for quiet afternoon art time!

Blue Tadpole Studio has some really cute drawing tutorials

Making Music Fun – we love the Meet the Composers worksheets and the free sheet music and flashcards!

Classics for Kids Learn about the great composers! Lots of information, printables, games and pieces of music to hear online.

FREE Online Music Lessons and Music Resources

Science Websites:
Science News for Kids Lots of interesting and fun Science news articles for kids

NASA Kids Educational Games about Outer Space!

Science Sparks Lots of Science Experiments with step by step photos, instructions and science articles.

Audobon Kids – Lots of activities, information and games on birds, the outdoors, and nature study.

Math Playground – is a fun math website with lots of math games!

Greg Tang Math – a new, fun approach to teaching math that combines common sense, creativity and clever thinking.

Johnnie’s Math Fun – Hundreds of math learning and math teaching resources and games organized by subject.

These are some of our favorite online membership based websites for learning:

IXL Online Math Practice from Pre-K up through Geography

ALEKS Math : Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces is a Web-based, artificially intelligent assessment and learning system. ALEKS also provides the advantages of one-on-one instruction, 24/7, from virtually any Web-based computer for a fraction of the cost of a human tutor.

Time4Learning – Complete online curriculum for grades PreK-8th grade. Affordable, no contracts!

Essential Skills Advantage – For grades K-6 Reading and Math Programs
is a fun preschool and kindergarten online curriculum. There are even printable practice sheets! My 5 year old has
been doing it in the afternoons and will stay on it almost an hour at a time. It is reinforcing phonics and math and she loves to win tickets and spend them in the store.
What I like the most about this program is that it is only $7.95 per month and you get 1 parent account and 3 child accounts! This is great if you have lots of little ones. Most programs cost per each child so this is VERY affordable! Click here to grab your first month FREE!

Portfolio Evaluations:  Resources of certifited teachers availiable to do your portfolio evaluations. We would like to offer a list of those who reach out to us that would like to make themselves available.

Florida Certified Teacher
Sandy Drexler

Writes Homeschool Assessments for
Grades K-12 and Special Needs
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