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About Citrus County Christian Homeschool Group, Inc.

Who we are:
We are a Christian homeschooler support group centered in Citrus County FL, with 80 families in our group at last count.  The main purpose and mission of our group is to provide any assistance we can to help you achieve your homeschooling goals.    We have found over the years that this takes many forms.  We have a terrific network of many different "kinds" of homeschoolers, almost all of which are quick to help out a new homeschooler whenever they have questions, or hit a bump in their homeschooling journey.  The leadership team is always happy to help you find the answers to any homeschooling questions you may have.   We also have designated "mentors" in our group who are assigned to help new homeschoolers who need help with specific curriculum/academic planning questions.  We are always working on more ways to support new homeschoolers, as well as struggling veteran homeschoolers.   Successful homeschooling almost always requires academic, extracurricular, and social support, and we center our efforts around those needs.
Our Faith:
We are a Christian-based group, and a signed statement of faith and Christian Code of Conduct is required as part of the membership application process.  We approach homeschooling, group membership, and group functions with a Christian worldview, and enjoy the freedom to express and practice our faith in an open and unhostile environment.

On the social side, we all work together to plan regular social events, field trips, holiday parties, End of Year Ceremony, Teen End-of-Year Formal, Fall Festival and Teen Blast events for our different age groups, Fall and Spring Co-op Classes, A Yearbook, etc.  We have also marched in parades with majorettes, drill team, drummers, and floats.  We also provide opportunities for group performances for music, drama, etc, and sometimes use these as outreach activities to nursing homes, etc.  Since our members make up our all-volunteer "force", we have found that each one helping a little proves that many hands do make light work.  Each mom (or dad if primary parent) is expected to help with one event per year.  This is usually in the form of helping plan a holiday party, or helping to plan a field trip or social event.   We have many recurring events where all the leg-work has been done already, or you are free to plan an outrageous new activity if you choose.
Regarding Co-op Classes:  Our group is more than "a co-op".  We are a support group with many functions outside of the co-op class program.  You do not have to participate in the co-op class program to be a member of CCCHG, but CCCHG membership is required to participate in co-op classes, as well as any other group activities.

How we Operate:
The main hub of information and communication for our group is our group website, www.ccchomeschool.com , and messages and notices are sent out via members' email addresses.  On our website you can also find our online forum, event calendar, all group guidelines, links to homeschool resources, co-op class schedule, as well as a full listing of the other families in the group, and much more.  Our online forum is the major communication method, with messages of upcoming events, notices, etc being posted from members as well as leadership.

Where we Meet:
We meet at various locations around Citrus County, depending on the event.  We use county parks, churches, members' homes, bowling alley, and more for sports days, meetings, social events, classes, etc.  We have local and out-of-town field trips ranging from free, local educational sites to discounted group admissions at mainstream theme parks such as Sea World, Legoland, Busch Gardens and more.  Our co-op classes are held at a local church near downtown Inverness.  The group itself is a partner ministry of Calvary Church on Croft Rd in Inverness, and we hold a few administrative meetings there throughout the year.  Additionally, our members plan many "hey, anybody wanna join us at _____ "  --type events throughout the year at diverse locations, and these are posted on our website as an open invitation to the other families.  Playgroups and additional classes in members' homes are common throughout the year.  You may participate in as many or as few activities as you want, and are free to add your own events and invite members to those if you wish.

Please see the current membership dues on the tab marked "Membership Dues".

I hope this has given you a glimpse of what our group is all about.  If you have further questions, feel free to email me at info@ccchomeschool.com, or I'll be happy to call you at a time that is convenient for you if you want to send a phone number. 

Thanks so much for your interest in our group, we look forward to meeting you!

Have a nice day,
Erica Garner
CCC Homeschool Group Leader