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2020-21 Fees and Costs

To help you budget for the school year's activities, we have listed the known and projected costs and fees that you will/may encounter as a member of our group. 

KNOWN Fees/Costs:

Annual CCCHG Membership - $62 per family

Registered Adult Background Check - $12 per additional background check.  This may be required annually for each additional Registered Adult.  (Primary Parent is included in annual membership fee.)

Volunteer Opt-Out Fee - $25.00 (See membership requirements, this can be avoided by signing up and completing annual volunteer requirement).

Christmas Party, Valentines Party, and End of Year Celebration and Talent Show - These are free, they are included in membership fee.  You may still have to bring a dish, etc.

Projected Costs for Optional Activities and Purchases:

Co-op Class Program Facility Fee - $30 per family per term (Fall term/Spring term)

Co-op Class Program Class Materials Fees - from $0 to usually $3/$5/$10 per class per term depending on which classes you choose.  Many classes are free, some have costs associated with actual materials used.

Co-op Teacher Opt-Out Fee - $15o.   If you join after the term has started and are required to teach based on Co-op Guidelines, you will be required to pay the opt-out fee.  If you join after we are less than 50% into the term, you will pay 100% of the opt out fee. If you join and we are more than 50% into our term, you are required to pay 50% of the opt out fee. We do not pro-rate based on individual weeks attended, it will be 50% or 100% of the opt-out fee only.

TShirts - $9 - $12 depending on size.  Orders taken at specific times, watch for announcements.

Fall Festivals/Fun Days - Varies - Usually about $5 per student - Watch for announcement

Tween Blast/Teen Blast - Varies - Usually about $5 per student - Watch for announcement

Winter War-Games - Varies - Usually about $3-5 per student - Watch for announcement

Teen Formal  - Varies - Usually about $25 per student - Watch for announcement

Yearbooks - Varies - Usually about $18 - 25 per book - Watch for announcement

School Portraits - Varies - Usually about $5-10 per student for ditigal downloads, and packages have been $20 + in the past (we try to make sure portraits are very affordable!) - Watch for announcement

Other Field Trips and Social Events - Varies - These are planned by members and can be free or have nominal costs, or have ticket prices required depending on the venue.  We find there is a nice selection of free to higher price amusement parks, etc.  We always try to get discounted/group rates on field trips.  Watch for announcements.