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2022-23 CCCHG Member Handbook

•Membership -
Thank you for taking the time to read this manual.  It should help you in understanding many aspects of Citrus County Christian Homeschool Group (CCCHG) membership. These are practical guidelines, rules, and requirements that help ensure the integrity of our group. In the rapidly-changing times we live in, it has become necessary to define and spell out beliefs and behaviors that just a few years ago would probably not be found in a ministry's printed documents and handbooks. We apologize in advance if any of the included or referred-to text is offensive.  Additionally, be advised that some texts that were included in or referred to by this document are unsuitable for young eyes.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
This CCCHG Member Handbook is not a contract and should not be construed, considered or otherwise implied as a contract. It is designed for informational purposes only and the provisions are not contractually binding. The CCCHG Board has the discretion in making revisions to the CCCHG Member Handbook to remain current and consistent with our current practices, and retains the right to modify or discontinue any policies, programs or procedures described in this document unless doing so would conflict with the terms of some other express agreement.  
The rules and guidelines within this handbook have been adopted by the Board of Directors as a way to ensure the opportunities and assets of CCCHG are used fairly within the group and among members.  Although we do not allow policies that unfairly allow some to benefit and not others in relation to group benefits, we do reserve the right to make rare exceptions when presented with a current situation that would make sense, and would cause no adverse affect to group, or it would benefit group.  Our end goal is to always ask "Is this ok for everyone to do", and "what would happen if everyone got to do this?".  If the issue would cause a problem, we probably have a rule against it.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
  • Citrus County Christian Homeschool Group is a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of providing encouragement, support, and guidance to Christian homeschoolers in our community.
  • Our group was started in 2006 by Ms. Carol Jones.  We have grown significantly since then and strive every year to continue to accommodate a growing and thriving group. 
  • We offer opportunities for field trips, social events, ceremonies, holiday parties, and group educational opportunities -- GRACE Co-op.
  • The goal of GRACE Co-op is to provide a co-operative educational learning program for homeschooling families in our community and provide the opportunity for Christian-based academic and extra-curricular classes and activities. It meets every year for a Spring and Fall term.
  • While you are required to be a member of CCCHG to participate in GRACE Co-op, participation in the co-op program is completely optional, but available to all CCCHG members who adhere to the requirements laid out in the GRACE Co-op Handbook. (Back to Table of Contents...)
•To Provide Encouragement, Support and Guidance for Christian-Based Homeschooling
•To Share Homeschool-Related Information on an Ongoing Basis
•To provide the Opportunity For Group Educational Activities that Promote a Christian Worldview, in a Christian Setting
•To Unite with Other Christian Homeschool Families, and To Support the Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA)
•To Provide Meetings, to Plan Activities, and To Meet the Homeschooling Needs of a Diverse Group of Homeschoolers United by Their Christian Faith (Deuteronomy 6:5-9; Psalm 127:5)   
  • We are an all-volunteer force. We have 6 board members, (we call them “Leaders”) and several more members serving as Support Staff, filling additional positions in our group.
  • Each function of our group falls under the guidance and authority of one or more of our Leaders, and may be subject to official board review at any time. You can view the current list of Leaders and Support Staff on the group website once logged in as a member.
  • In addition, each member family helps a little, and in the end we have a really fun, well-supported group, with lots of choices of things to do.   (Back to Table of Contents...)
Membership Positions: There are many different roles you may find yourself in as a member of our group:
  • Parent – A parent or legal guardian of a homeschooled child
  • Primary Parent – The parent who is planning to participate most with the group in bringing their child(ren) to CCCHG functions. Primary parents must sign all required documents and fulfill all membership requirements including background screening. Each family is required to have one Primary Parent, but both Parents could be Primary Parents if the second parent also goes through the registration process.
  • Registered Adult – An adult other than a parent who, in addition to the primary parent, is planning to participate with the group in bringing the family's child(ren) to CCCHG functions .  The purpose of this is just to help the primary parent by attending with them to help with the kids, or by bringing the kids in place of the primary parent to closed (group-member-only) events. (GRACE Co-op is not included, see below).
    • To become a Registered Adult you must sign all required membership documents and fulfill all membership requirements including background screening. (They would NOT have a separate online membership account, would NOT have to pay the membership portion of the dues, just the background screening fee, and would NOT have a separate volunteer requirement.)  The signature and date are added beside the primary parent's signature/dates on the same lines in the member profile.  Please give us a heads up so we can add them to the member roster and send them a background check link.
    • This could be a spouse, grandparent, aunt, etc. 
    • Registered Adults must submit their registration request 30 days prior to the CCCHG closed event they wish to attend.  Please plan accordingly if you think you will need help on field trips, etc., or wish for your spouse to attend closed events.
    • A Registered Adult may not bring non-members with them.
    • NOTE! Only Primary Parents can bring children to GRACE Co-op during class times. Any other Registered Adult wishing to attend Grace Co-op must register as a co-op volunteer and be approved, and will be scheduled by the Co-op Director where needed.  They cannot serve in the parent's place, either in filling in for the parent, or bringing the kids.  As with all other school-type venues, we do not allow unassigned or unregistered children or adults to hang-out, wander, visit, or sit in classes, etc.  This is for the safety of our members, and to conform with our insurance requirements.  See GRACE Co-op Handbook for all details related to attendance.
  • Child – a homeschooled child, or the sibling of a homeschooled child. (The child must be   homeschooled and not attending public or private school.  The temporary closing of schools, and establishment of virtual classrooms, does not convert a student attending a public or private school into a homeschooler, they are just attending from home for a period of time.)
  • Student – a child who is attending an official CCCHG class
  • Volunteer – A member helping with a CCCHG function or event
  • Teacher – An instructor or leader of a CCCHG class
  • Classroom Helper – The backup adult in the room in a CCCHG class
  • Staff/Administration – Volunteer Members who have been assigned leadership, administrative and/or recurring functions within CCCHG
Membership Application:  Completed Membership Application with Current Contact Information is required.  Creation of an online account with this information is mandatory for membership in CCCHG. 
Membership Dues/Fees: 
Membership requires annual dues; current membership fee amounts are listed under “ Fees and Costs ” on CCCHG Website.
•  Payment for membership dues for each school year is due before being able to pre-register your family for co-op classes, or by the 4th Friday of August for CCCHG members not participating in GRACE Co-op.  Those that are new to the group must submit their membership application forms for approval and payment must be received within two weeks of trial membership approval.
  • Refunds are not offered once membership has been approved and payment has been received, as our fees are for expenses/services purchased on your behalf and will be sent/applied to the appropriate expense when received.
  • A refund will only be given if the membership application is declined and payment was made prior to the decision.  Any part of the membership dues that goes to cover background screening is non-refundable, no matter what the outcome of the screening is.

Approval:  Membership is usually approved quickly, and denials can take a little longer. In extreme cases, membership approvals/denials could take up to 30 days from receipt of completed membership application.

Statement of Faith Acceptance and Acknowledgment:  As part of the CCCHG requirements for membership, all prospective members must acknowledge that they have read and agree to be bound by the current CCCHG Statement of Faith.  This is attached to your application and is signed electronically when joining/rejoining.
CCCHG Code of Christian Conduct Acceptance and Acknowledgment:  As part of the CCCHG requirements for membership, any prospective members must acknowledge that they have read and agree to be bound by the current CCCHG Code of Conduct: This is attached to your member record and is signed electronically when joining/rejoining.
Affirmation of Good Moral Character:  As part of the CCCHG requirements for membership, all prospective members must acknowledge that they have read and signed the appropriate response to the Affirmation of Good Moral Character.  This is attached to your member record andis signed electronically when joining/rejoining.
Liability Waiver:  A completed and signed waiver of liability is required for all household members. The board may at its discretion waive the requirement for certain household members to be included on the liability waiver, on a case by case basis.
Background Check Consent:
  • Submission to annual background check of primary parent and any additional registered parent, and payment of the associated fee for each background check submission is required for membership.
  • The primary parent is the parent who plans to or is likely to or regularly hosts, teaches, or attends CCCHG events, or the CCCHG events, classes, fieldtrips, etc that their child(ren) attend. If this applies to both parents, both must submit to the annual background investigation and pay the associated fees for each background check.
  • The board of directors shall have sole discretion as to which, if any, membership applicants may have this requirement waived, and what qualifies a membership applicant to have this requirement waived. (Back to Table of Contents...)
Volunteer Requirement:  "Many Hands Make Light Work". 
  • Our group is an all-volunteer force, and none of our positions are paid. To keep the group up and running, the Primary Parent (1 per family) is expected to help with or plan 1 field trip or social event per year. If, after your trial membership has been approved, you decide to join our group, you will be required to sign up for your annual volunteer duty before being approved as a yearly member.
  • You can find the link to sign up on the menu bar on the website under "Volunteer Signups".
  • You will be working with other moms who have signed up for the same event. This is a great way for moms to get to know each other as well.
  • The dates are just suggestions, and can be changed if necessary. There is an area on the web site with a list of possible events to get the wheels turning, and an Event Planning Worksheet online to help you plan your event.
  • The group social coordinator is always available, and can help you with any questions that may arise. If you are a new member, or unsure of what this all entails, perhaps sign up for something later in the year so you'll be able to see what other members are doing before your turn comes. 
  • You may also choose to pay the opt out fee for this requirement, please see " Fees and Costs " tab.  (Back to Table of Contents...) 
  • If you do not fulfill this requirement, you may jeopardize your family's ability to participate in future CCCHG events.  A minimum of 2 other members will verify who actually participated in the planning/helper tasks of each event, and if you are not verified to have helped with the event you signed up for, you will need to sign up and help with a later event to avoid being disqualified from participating in future events.  Those who do not fulfill their volunteer requirement will be required to pay a $50 non-performance fee for the current year before being able to join the group the next year.  (See " Fees and Costs "). 
Membership may be revoked or denied at any time by majority vote of the CCCHG Board of Directors, after their prayerful and thoughtful consideration of any and all issues at hand.(Back to Table of Contents...)
  • Posting on our website ( will be the primary means of communication, and these posts will go out to members' email addresses as designated in each member's profile.
  • Members are responsible for checking their email or checking the website on a regular basis to receive important and up-to-date news. If you do not have access to email, please let someone on the Leadership Team know.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
The purpose of our website is to help foster communication for CCCHG members. It is required to have an online account to be a member. For this reason, we do not allow members to subject other members to spam, advertising, unsolicited requests, etc.
We also want to make our site a place where moms (and dads) can connect in ways that are helpful and desired by the member. Please read, understand, and follow the below guidelines regarding use of the website:
When posting in the forum (message board): We do hope you'll post group-wide messages asking questions, informing members of community events, an invite to a meet-up, etc.   Take a quick look at the different categories available to post messages in.  Please make sure that when you reply to a post ON the message board, it needs to be read by the whole group. Many times the reply, even for signups, can be sent just to the original sender instead by using "reply to sender" in your email tool.  Everything posted to the group goes to all members, so a simple "we'll be there" reply to the group in response to an activity or field trip etc. is being sent to 70+ families. Multiply that by 70 possible replies, and it quickly becomes an email barrage.
• Be Kind – Think before you Post or Reply: Please review and make sure you are supporting the goals and spirit of our support group with any messages before hitting "post".
In getting the word out about your business: We do have a business directory where you may advertise your business. You may also post a special notice about your business or business event in the “classified” category of the message board (forum). Other members are not forced to receive these kinds of messages, but many like to receive them and will get your posts in these categories. Please do not post solicitations for any sales or business anywhere except in the business directory, or the "classified" section of the forum. This includes "parties" for selling products or just to "inform" in hopes of gaining future customers. Never use contact information gained from our website for solicitation purposes.
If you have something to sell:   We have a “classifieds” section of our message board, and also a “classifieds" section of the website which is a stand-alone tool. We welcome your listing of your for-sale items, but please ONLY post them in either of the “classifieds” areas.
If you are a paid CCCHG member, you have the option to be added to our private, members-only, facebook group. Facebook does not allow different categories like our website does, so to keep with our commitment to not spam our members, please list all of your for sale and business related information on our website under the appropriate categories. We want to reserve our facebook group for the use of getting out important and up-to-date information to our members in a way that may be more convenient for them to check. If you post items or services for sale, it will be removed by admin and multiple offenses will result in removal from the group. (Back to Table of Contents...)
• Protection of Children: We believe that children are a heritage from the Lord and must be absolutely protected within CCCHG from any form of abuse or molestation.  CCCHG has zero tolerance for any person, whether paid staff, volunteer, member, or visitor, who abuses or molests a child. (Ps. 127:3–5; Matt. 18:6; Matt. 19:14; Mark 10:14)
• At no time may you physically discipline a child that is not your own.
• To keep our families safe, and to ensure privacy, please do not publish, "pass along", or disclose ANY information from this site, including and ESPECIALLY events, to non-members. If you want to forward information for an event published on our site to a non-member, please check with the site admin first. The exception to this rule is any event posted on the PUBLIC side of our site, which means the page you see when you are NOT logged in.  (This would be our open events – kickoff meeting, etc).  If you are hosting an event that you want to invite other non-member homeschoolers or friends to, then it cannot go on the calendar as an official CCCHG event and will not count as your Volunteer Requirement. However, you are welcome to share it on our website under the appropriate category.
• We have a “Rule of 2” requirement at all CCCHG events which requires an adult to never be alone with minors who are not their children without another adult in the same room/area and with full visibility. At any time an adult is in the presence of a minor who is not their own child, and they are not in a public place, it is the responsibility of the adult to remove themselves (or the grouping if safety necessitates) from that situation, and either retrieve another adult to join your grouping, or move your grouping to an area with sufficient adults to meet our “Rule of 2” requirement. If this is not possible or reasonable, it is the adult's responsibility to put the grouping into the most visible, public setting possible, and continue to try to satisfy the 2-adults rule. At the earliest possibility, report the incident to our Safety Coordinator. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in loss of participation privileges, or termination of membership from CCCHG.
• At all non-Co-op-related CCCHG events and functions, the parent is responsible for the safety and supervision of their own child(ren) AT ALL TIMES. There is no exception to this rule. If you have multiple children and they would have to be separated to attend, you should get your spouse to attend and help you, or leave others at home to come next time. If you do choose to bring more children than you can personally supervise, it is your choice to put your child in the care of another person if it is agreed-to by that other adult, and is NOT a CCCHG requirement. CCCHG will not be responsible for the agreement between 2 consenting parents on one watching the other adult's child. Members of the leadership team and/or staff do not attend all events, and are not able to monitor and enforce the “rule of 2”, safety conditions, etc.
Discipline Policy for Children: At some of our social events, it may be the case that another adult will in some way have some oversight responsibility of your child. For instance, if one of our members schedules a field trip to a local business and the group is walking around with that member while the child’s parent is at the back of the group tending to another child, that other adult member is acting as the authority figure for the entire group of children and the children will be expected to treat that adult with the same respect as they would their parent or a teacher.  If a child is being uncooperative, disruptive or disrespectful, the following procedures may be followed:
• The child will get a verbal warning from the Adult Member acting as “Supervisor” to the event.
• If unacceptable behavior continues, the child will be asked to sit out for a time.
• If the child still exhibits unacceptable behavior, the child will be brought to their parent for the remainder of the event and/or asked to leave.
• If the child repeats the unacceptable behavior at a future function, the parent will be required to stay next to the child at all times during that function and/or asked to leave.
• If the child repeats the unacceptable behavior on a third occasion, the child will no longer be welcomed at group social functions until a meeting takes place between them, their parent and the leadership team to decide if future participation will be approved. 
• Please keep in mind that these are guidelines, and depending on the severity or recurrence of situation(s), leadership can decide at any time that the child must leave immediately and is not eligible to attend future events. 
• At no time may you physically discipline a child that is not your own. Please note that if a parent feels the need to discipline THEIR OWN CHILD, they should not do so in front of other children, but rather do this in private.
• For any and all incidents that you are involved in in any way regarding behavior or discipline, you must fill out an incident report which can be found on the group website.  Fill out online, or print, fill out and turn in.
Illness Policy:  For the consideration and well-being, and protection of others, and so we can continue to provide the highest quality program for all children, please do not bring a child to any group function who is experiencing the following symptoms or you may be asked to leave:
• Fever over 100 (within the last 24 hours)
• Colored mucus (yellow or green snotty nose)
• Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea
• Eye drainage or crusty eyelids
• Virus or infection known to be contagious
• Rashes or ring worm
• Head lice
  • No weapons of any kind, flammables, or any other potentially dangerous materials, or animals shall be brought to any CCCHG function without explicit permission AHEAD OF TIME from the Leadership Team.
  • Knives, lighters, matches, brass knuckles, martial art weapons, guns, fake guns, air guns, and b-b guns are prohibited. Please leave anything even resembling a weapon at home. 
  • Violations of this policy will be addressed by the Board, which has discretion to determine the appropriate sanction, up-to and including expulsion from all future CCCHG functions, and/or termination of CCCHG Membership.   (Back to Table of Contents...)
  • No cigarettes or other tobacco products or smoke-less and/or tobacco-less alternatives are allowed at group functions at any time. 
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed at any group function at any time.
  • Violations of this policy will be addressed by the Board, which has discretion to determine the appropriate sanction up to and including expulsion from all future CCCHG functions, and/or termination of CCCHG Membership.(Back to Table of Contents...)
Allergies and Medications Policy:  While CCCHG makes every attempt to decrease allergen exposure for participants, ultimately, it is the responsibility of the parents with a child who has allergies to bear the responsibility for their child's well-being and to make the allergies known to the Leadership Team via your online registration form and to any adult member who may take an authority or supervisory role with your child.  No one should ever administer over-the-counter or prescription medications to any other persons, especially minors. A parent may administer to themselves or their child only. Please do not allow your child to carry medications with them, have an adult carry needed medications. (Back to Table of Contents...)
  • CCCHG Members may not make any statements as if representing the CCCHG Organization in interviews, articles, letters, etc without express board approval.
  • All publicity requests should be forwarded to and coordinated with our CCCHG Publicity Liaison.
  • CCCHG members MAY make statements representing themselves as a CCCHG member.  Remember that your statements not only reflect on CCCHG, but also homeschoolers in general.
  • No photos may be taken by members of other members, families, students, classes, activities, etc  at any official CCCHG activity or outing without the express consent of each adult and the parent of any children in the photos.  In other words, we are here for the experience, and need to respect the privacy of the other families present.
  • Consent for photos to be taken does not imply consent to post or publish without the additional express consent of adults/parents.  Also, refrain from tagging others without prior consent if posting online is approved. 
  • Exception:  Express permission may be given by the CCCHG Board for official purposes such as the yearbook, slideshow, etc.  Under this exception, there may be photos taken at co-op and other CCCHG activities for use in the yearbook or group projects (ie. End of Year Slideshow).  Permission will be assigned to specific person(s) for specific projects.
• CCCHG will never require a child to ride with any parent besides their own, and not only do we not recommend it, but for insurance and liability reasons, we prohibit it in any official capacity. If you wish to ride-share, this must be done mom-to-mom outside of an event.
• Ride-sharing, Car-Pooling, etc MAY NOT be required, suggested, instigated or organized by the teacher or leader of an event, so as to appear or imply that CCCHG is responsible for or participating in transporting students and/or parents in any way.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
  • Most CCCHG functions (field trips, co-ops, etc.) are “closed” events, or ”Members-Only”, meaning that only registered families (Primary Parent, spouse, and children) may attend.
  • If a grandparent, or aunt, etc needs to attend, they will need to be added as a Registered Adult to the family's membership account profile, by being background checked and submitting all agreements and waivers. 
  • Due to liability restrictions and accounting requirements, friends, extended family and other unregistered guests are not permitted at closed events. If it’s a trip to a public place, of course they can meet you there, but will not be able to purchase tickets thru CCCHG, nor participate in any special part of the trip that was arranged for group members (like a behind-the-scenes walkthru at the zoo, etc.).
  • Open Events are events that are open to registered members, plus possible guests as defined in the event announcement, and possibly the public in general. Again, this would be defined in the event details. We anticipate these being the kickoff meeting in the fall, the spring kickoff in January, and the end-of-year ceremony at the end of the year. 
  • All adults must fulfill the membership requirements “per person” to attend All CCCHG Closed Events: (Exception: Liability Waiver, Membership Dues and Volunteer Requirements are per-household) (Back to Table of Contents...)
  • A receipt will be given to all individuals who make a payment to anyone collecting funds for a CCCHG function or event with the exception of certain fundraisers, which will be plainly marked as NO RECEIPT GIVEN. 
  • If a receipt is not given and it is a CCCHG function/event please ask for one, as CCCHG will not be held accountable later if a dispute arises.
  • Do not give money without a receipt, even if one is promised to you later. 
  • All checks are to be made payable to CCCHG.
  • If cash is given without a receipt or a check written to any other name than CCCHG it will be considered a personal transaction between two people and CCCHG will not be held accountable.
•  We do not take combined payment for multiple functions, all payments must be made separately; this is for accounting purposes.
•  We reserve the right to add an administrative fee to the invoice for any payment made by Paypal or credit/debit card if necessary.  You will be advised of the fee before you are charged.
•  Membership payments accepted are cash, check, PayPal, or credit/debit card.
•  T-Shirt payments accepted are cash, check, PayPal, or credit/debit card.
•  Field Trip/CCCHG Function/Event payments accepted are cash or check unless otherwise specified in the event details on the event calendar.
•  Fundraisers and/or solicitation of items/funds using the CCCHG name or any representation of any part of our group, for any reason, is prohibited without prior approval from the CCCHG Board.
•  Members who are collecting funds for CCCHG functions/events agree to keep detailed records, follow the funds collection policies, and adhere to all deadlines for completion of the function/event. These policies will be given with the Money Collection Folder.
Reimbursable Purchases:
  • All reimbursable purchases must be approved in advance by the CCCHG treasurer or president.  No exceptions. 
  • Once pre-approved, an official receipt must be submitted in order to be reimbursed. 
  • No reimbursements will be given without pre-approval by treasure or president, and without a submitted receipt. 
Tax Exempt Number:
  • Tax exempt number can only be used by the organization, not individuals. (Only when paying with CCCHG Debit card or CCCHG check, or by an officer or board member if paying with cash).
  • Never use tax number if being reimbursed by the organization, it is illegal under all circumstances and could jeopardize our tax exempt status. 

(Back to Table of Contents...)

  • If we are experiencing bad weather, the adult member in charge of planning that particular event will confer with a member of the leadership team to determine whether or not to cancel events. They will base their decision upon their local school district's canceling of their classes.
  • The adult member in charge of that event and a member of the leadership team will begin a phone tree and each family will receive a phone call if the event is canceled and an email will go out to all families through our website. Please make sure you convey the number with which you wished to be reached.
  • If you are unsure of whether or not an event will be canceled, please check the CCCHG website.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
  • If a group event or function is being held outside and lightning is seen, all persons must retreat to safe shelter for at least 30 minutes until after the last lightning strike is seen.
  • It is the recommendation of the leadership team that if another lightning strike is seen within that first 30 minute period, that the event be cancelled and for every one to safely retreat to their vehicles to go home.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
  • Please make sure that you and your children are being good stewards of the property or facility rented, reserved, owned, or acquired for CCCHG purposes.  The expectation is that when our group goes somewhere that we leave it just as clean and neat, if not better, than when we arrived. We want to keep our reputation positive in hopes that as we schedule different functions at different locations, that we will be invited back. 
  • CCCHG does not have back-up funds to pay for repairs or damages incurred by you or your children. If a parent or child damages something, the parent will be held liable and not the group.
  • PLEASE stress the rules to your children, and help others by reminding them of these rules if you see an action or activity that could result in damage to person or property.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
Facility Use Policy: We prohibit the use of any facility rented, reserved, owned, or acquired for CCCHG purposes for any purpose that would be inconsistent with CCCHG statement of faith or member rules/requirements as set forth in this handbook.  (Back to Table of Contents...)
Disagreements, Disputes, and Conflict Resolution Procedure: We all know disagreements, disputes, and conflict can happen. It is important that we plan ahead and agree on how to deal with these situations, before they arise. It is our belief that in considering and being prepared with the procedures below, it will even help us to avoid many conflicts before they become an issue. In using Matthew 18 as our guide, if a conflict arises, members should seek to resolve the issue on their own. If either party is unsatisfied or a resolution (when all parties reach mutual agreement or understanding) cannot be met, the parties then need to seek the assistance of the Leadership Team and they will review the situation and mediate to the best of their ability. We have adopted the below guidelines and steps toward resolution of any issues that arise.
The Peacemaker's Pledge—A Commitment to Biblical Conflict Resolution
As people reconciled to God by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we believe that we are called to respond to conflict in a way that is remarkably different from the way the world deals with conflict. (Luke 6:27-36; Gal. 5:19-26; Matt. 5:9) We also believe that conflict provides opportunities to glorify God, serve other people, and grow to be like Christ. (1 Cor. 10:31-11:1; Rom. 8:28-29; James 1:2-4)  Therefore, in response to God's love and in reliance on his grace, we commit ourselves to respond to conflict according to the following principles:
  • Glorify God - Instead of focusing on our own desires or dwelling on what others may do, we will rejoice in the Lord and bring him praise by depending on his forgiveness, wisdom, power and love, as we seek to faithfully obey his commands and maintain a loving, merciful, and forgiving attitude. (Ps. 37:1-6; Mark11:25; John 14:15; Rom. 12:17-21; I Cor. 10:31; Phil. 4:2-9; Col. 3:1-4; James 3:17-18; 4:1-3; I Peter 2:12)
  • Get the Log Out of Your Eye - Instead of blaming others for a conflict or resisting correction, we will trust in God’s mercy and take responsibility for our own contribution to conflicts—confessing our sins to those we have wronged, asking God to help us change any attitudes and habits that lead to conflict, and seeking to repair any harm we have caused. (Prov. 28:13; Matt. 7:3-5; Col. 3:5-14; Luke 19:8; I John 1:8-9) Gently Restore - Instead of pretending that conflict doesn’t exist or talking about others behind their backs, we will overlook minor offenses or we will talk personally and graciously with those whose offenses seem too serious to over look, seeking to restore them rather than condemn them. When a conflict with a Christian brother or sister cannot be resolved in private, we will ask others in the body of Christ to help us settle the matter in a biblical manner. (Prov. 19:11; Matt. 18:15-20; I Cor. 6:1-8; Gal. 6:1-2; Eph. 4:29; 2 Tim. 2:24-26; James 5:9)
  • Go and Be Reconciled - Instead of accepting premature compromise or allowing relationships to wither, we will actively pursue genuine peace and reconciliation—forgiving others as God, for Christ's sake, has forgiven us, and seeking just and mutually beneficial solutions to our differences. (Matt. 5:23-24; Matt. 6:12; Eph. 4:1-3, 32; Matt. 7:12; Phil. 2:3-4)
By God's grace, we will apply these principles as a matter of stewardship, realizing that conflict is an opportunity, not an accident. We will remember that success, in God's eyes, is not a matter of specific results but of faithful, dependent obedience. And we will pray that our service as peacemakers brings praise to our Lord and leads others to know his infinite love. (Matt. 25:14-21; 1 Peter 2:19, 4:19; Rom. 12:18; John 13:34-35) 
If any further action is needed or desired, we have adopted the below method:  "Any claim or dispute arising from or related to this agreement shall be settled by mediation and, if necessary, legally binding arbitration in accordance with the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for Christian Conciliation, a division of Peacemaker® Ministries (complete text of the Rules is available at Judgment upon an arbitration decision may be entered in any court otherwise having jurisdiction. The parties understand that these methods shall be the sole remedy for any controversy or claim arising out of this agreement and expressly waive their right to file a lawsuit in any civil court against one another for such disputes, except to enforce an arbitration decision."  (The Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for Christian Conciliation, a division of Peacemaker® Ministries are also available to read on our website under the Membership tab.
  • The decisions of the board represent the group's overall wishes, and it's almost guaranteed that no-one will like ALL the policies.  The only way to have that is to start your own group :) 
  • We regularly poll our members regarding "hot" issues, and all group policies are adopted by a majority vote by the board of directors with this feedback in mind, as well as many other factors.
  • Policies that members sign when joining or participating in an activity should be followed, and also supported.   
  • We have done our best to be up-front with all our policies, and ask that if you just can't live with something, perhaps look at some of the other groups operating in the area.  We have all felt the sting of working hard on something, volunteering, etc then hearing whispers of dissatisfaction behind the scenes.  That's a sure-fire way to lose members and discourage the efforts of our fellow moms.  Lets support and build each other up, and let grace cover the rest. 
  • Disagreement with policies will not excuse failure to follow them. Please do your best to join in the things you like, abstain from those you don't, and use the below feedback channels to request changes to policy.
  • That being said, this group is for all of us.  We all have input in adoption of policy.  Disagreements with policy, or suggestions may be given using one of the following:
    • by online feedback/suggestion link - not anonymous due to form's attachment to member account
    • by mail - this can be anonymous if you choose
    • using the "submission box" at co-op - this can be anonymous if you choose
    • voiced to 2 or more board members SIMULTANEOUSLY to bring to the board (to help us keep it straight).
    • via online poll when applicable - this can be anonymous