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2023-24 Fees and Costs

To help you budget for the school year's activities, we have listed the known and projected costs and fees that you will/may encounter as a member of our group. 

KNOWN Fees/Costs:

Annual CCCHG Membership - $65 per family

Background Check Error/Reprocessing Fee:  The member is in complete control of all data sent for the background check.   This information is sent directly to our processor company and we do not have access to it to check it before it's submitted.   Please enter your data carefully, if there is an error and you have to submit a new background check, you will be responsible for the cost of the additional screening ($7.50).  

Volunteer Opt-Out Fee - $25.00 (See membership requirements, this can be avoided by signing up and completing annual volunteer requirement).  *NOTE:  If you do sign up to volunteer instead of paying the $25 opt-out fee, and then don't follow through on fulfilling your volunteer requirement, you will be assessed a $50 non-performance fee.

Christmas Party, Valentines Party, and End of Year Celebration and Talent Show - These are free and they are included in the membership fee.  You may still have to bring a dish, etc.

Projected Costs for Optional Activities and Purchases:

Co-op Class Program Fee - $20 per family per term (Fall term/Spring term)

Co-op Class Program Class Materials Fees - from $0 to usually $3/$5/$10 per class per term depending on which classes you choose.  Many classes are free, some have costs associated with actual materials used.

Co-op Teacher Opt-Out Fee - $16o.   If you join after the term has started and are required to teach based on Co-op Guidelines, you will be required to pay the opt-out fee.  If you join after we are less than 50% into the term, you will pay 100% of the opt out fee. If you join and we are more than 50% into our term, you are required to pay 50% of the opt out fee. We do not pro-rate based on individual weeks attended, it will be 50% or 100% of the opt-out fee only.

Co-op Helper Opt-Out Fee - $8o.   If you wish to opt-out of your helper duties for the term, you may pay this fee.

TShirts - $10-25 depending on the shirt material.  Orders taken at specific times, watch for announcements.

Fall Festivals/Fun Days - Varies - Usually about $5 per student - Watch for announcement

Tween Blast/Teen Blast - Varies - Usually about $5 per student - Watch for announcement

Winter War-Games - Varies - Usually about $3-5 per student - Watch for announcement

Teen Formal  - Varies - Usually about $25 per student - Watch for announcement

Yearbooks - Varies - Usually about $18 - 25 per book - Watch for announcement

School Portraits - Varies - Usually about $5-10 per student for ditigal downloads, and packages have been $20 + in the past (we try to make sure portraits are very affordable!) - Watch for announcement

Other Field Trips and Social Events - Varies - These are planned by members and can be free or have nominal costs, or have ticket prices required depending on the venue.  We find there is a nice selection of free to higher price amusement parks, etc.  We always try to get discounted/group rates on field trips.  Watch for announcements.