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All Lang Arts 4th-6th Fee: $150.00
Grade/Age Level: 4th, 5th, 6th,
Sep. 12, 13-May. 22, 2014—Th
Period: Lower Grades; 12:30 PM - 01:45 PM
Location: The Well Church
Instructor(s): Ms. Pamela Hunt

Curriculum: Textbook: ISBN#:

This class requires no prerequisites. I have a series of activities each week covering all areas of Language Arts: reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary development, debate, etc. The six to eight activities move the hour along quickly, and don't allow students to get bored or distracted.

I begin with:
1. Three minutes on current events: what is happening in the world and the local communities. We exclude violence and politics, but talk about a variety of news. This is to generate general knowledge, critical thinking skills, and good verbal communication skills.

2. Literature discussion: We are always reading a book. We discuss the new developments in the story and identify literary terms: setting, mood, tone, turning points, characterization techniques, descriptive language, metaphors. symbolism, imagery, themes, etc. We will read some books as a class. Sometimes students will read "books-of-choice." We will read fantasies, fables, myths, legends, parables, and fairy tales.

3. Students write an essay every week. We usually start out with writing good paragraphs, but by the end of the year, students will be writing a 5 paragraph essay with ease. Our topics come from our literature.

4. We study grammar and usage every week. These are prime years for learning the building blocks of language: parts of speech, complete sentences, constructing paragraphs, using adjectives, adverbs and details. Students will also practice writing in "orders" like spatial, chronological, step-by-step, etc. Mistakes made in student writing will be turned into "Essay Correction Sheets," where a sentence from each student essay is used to teach grammar rules and usage principles.

5. Spelling is often an issue with home-schooled students. We will have helps for spelling including roots, suffixes, prefixes, contractions, syllable study, etc. We will have a weekly spelling list if I find the class as a whole needs it.

6. We have a weekly 5 minute write. This is a timed exercise that teaches students to think fast, organize, write, and recite. We will practice writing descriptions, critiques, contract and compare paragraphs, cause and effect paragraphs, persuasive arguments, etc.

7. Poetry is presented every week. Students will learn to appreciate the beauty of their language, and will learn to write Haikus, Couplets, Limericks, Free Verse, etc.

8. Research paper (5 to 7 pages) is done on a State of the Union in the second semester.

Homework will take about 30 minutes to an hour per week. In addition, every student is expected to read at least 15 minutes each week day. Students will write every week and present their writing in class. There is always a grammar/usage assignment that takes about 10 minutes. We correct these in class.

Parents will be expected to provide the books that we read as a group (usually 4). Other reading will be provided or be "books of choice" chosen by the student. Students will need a 3 ring binder with dividers for their English work: Reading, Writing, Punctuation, Spelling, Poetry, Literature. Of course, paper, pencils, erasers, and pens are needed in class. Use of a computer at home is always a plus. I always provide fresh curriculum for those who are repeat students in these multi-level classes.

The minimum class size for this class is six students, the maximum is sixteen. The fee is $99 for the first semester, and $150 for the second, much longer semester. Fee may be paid with cash, check, or by PayPal (, and can be done monthly, yearly, or by semester.
Students keep all materials in their 3 ring binders for parents to assess. I consider myself a mentor/ tutor/teacher's helper. Grades are issued upon request. Parents are actually the grade givers for home schoolers, but I will offer my opinion on student performance. The notebook with all of the student's graded work will speak for itself. I will notify students and parents of missing assignments.

I will hold an information meeting with question/answer opportunities at The Well before class begins. More on that later.

Best Wishes,

Pam Hunt
2460 Reill View Drive

Escondido, CA 92025

Note: Payment for this class goes to the instructor directly

Min. 6 Max. 20

Status: open Capacity: 20 Available: 13 Waitlist: 0