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Science-2-U 4-6th Fee: $45.00
Grade/Age Level: 4th, 5th, 6th,
Sep. 12, 13-May. 22, 2014—Th
Period: Lower Grades; 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: The Well Church
Instructor(s): Ms. Jill Candelaria

Curriculum: Textbook: ISBN#:

  Update 8/25/12-- Jill Candelaria will be teaching the science-2-U classes this year. Here is is her bio:
  Jill Candelaria earned her BA in Developmental Psychology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. She holds a California Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (K - 12) and is GATE certified. Jill taught in the San Diego Unified School District where she also volunteered with Mad Science programs.

  Jill is the former Director of Education at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad, where she also served as a teacher. Jill wrote curriculum aligned with the California State Content Standards and has years of experience teaching hands on physical and life science to students of all ages. She is passionate not only about instilling a love for, and curiosity about science, but also enjoys teaching students how their daily activities have an impact on the land and water around them.

  Jill is a committed Christian who is guided by the Holy Spirit. She has two grown children and lives in Encinitas where she likes to hike around the Lagoons with her husband and two pugs.


  Science-2-U offers 4-week science courses covering the whole 2013/14 school year.  Each 4-week course requires registration with and payment to the instructor Missy Schick.

Registration here on the CFS Poway web site is required only once for each student that registers with Missy, no matter how many 4-week courses are taken by that student through the course of the 2013/14 school year.  Registration on the CFS Poway web site is required because there are co-op fees payable by every family that participates in classes located at The Well campus.

For any questions or assistance needed with any of the Science-2-U classes, please contact Missy directly via email:

Family pricing:  Elementary: 1 student = $45.00, 2 students = $90.00, 3 students = $110.00 per 4-week session.


  Sept12,19, 26 ,and Oct. 3
  Scientific Method
  What is the scientific method?  You'll learn how to use the scientific method model to explore new experiments every week.  By the end of this class you'll be a walking, talking scientist! (4 week class, $45)

  Oct.10, 17, 24, 31
  Learn about the relationships that make this world so unique.  We will study everything from the food chain to acid rain.  We'll be making some cool ecological models using soda bottles (so start saving those 2-L soda bottles)!  (4 week class, $45)

  Nov.7,14, 21, Dec. 5
  Explore our constantly changing planet!  We'll have fun learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, and a variety of geological formations through hands-on experiments.  We will take a special look at recent geological events like Mount St. Helens which have changed the way we look at the geologic time scale.  (4 week class, $45)

  Dec. 12 Jan. 9, 16, 23
  The attractive world of magnets.  Can you resist the pull of magnets and the fields they create?  We'll discover what magnets are, what types of materials they can and cannot attract, how many different types of magnets there are, and how magnetism relates to electricity!  You won't be able to pull yourself away from this class!  (4 week class, $45)

  Feb.6, 13, 20, 27
  Come learn the shocking truth about electricity!  What is electricity?  How is it produced?  We'll learn about AC/DC, parallel and series circuits and you'll even build a working electric motor.  Come have an electrifying time!  (4 week class, $45)

  March 6, 13, 20, 27
  Germs and Disease
  What exactly are germs?  How do you catch a cold?  What is a disease?  We'll explore the differences between bacteria and viruses and study some common diseases and learn prevention techniques.  This class will be filled with tons of interesting experiments!  (4 week class, $45)

  April 3, 10, 24 May 1
  More Kid's Chemistry
  Let's learn more about chemistry!  In this class we'll explore acids and bases, perform titrations and experiment with a variety of chemicals that are right under your nose.  (4 week class, $45)

  May 8 15, 22
  Learn about the life-cycle of the silkworm.  We'll study this creature from egg to larvae to pupa to moth.  Each student will receive their own silkworms and science journal.  This class is even a great idea for a science fair project!  (3 week class, $33)

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