Member Benefits

CFS Poway's emphasis is to enhance individual families' abilities to meet their educational goals by providing additional opportunities for students to develop academically, socially, physically and spiritually. CFS Poway members receive a monthly newsletter from September through June which includes information on upcoming events and topics of interest to homeschoolers. Members are eligible for a discount on their membership to HSLDA which all of our families are encouraged to join!

Upper Grade students whose families privately homeschool are eligible and invited to join the CONTROL Speech and Debate club.

Our aim is to provide services that students' families would share in a brick & mortar school, such as a year-end Promotion Ceremony, School Pictures, Yearbook, Spelling Bee, Science labs, and Fieldtrips.

Members are also eligible to enroll in our Co-op Classes which are held 32 weeks of the year at a church here in Poway. There is an additional co-op facilities fee per student per semester in addition to the variable cost of each class. 

Critical to the success of CFS Poway is the participation of parent-volunteers encouraging one another through a network of friends and contacts.