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Important! Before completing this page, you must have already: 

  1. Submitted the Class Scheduling Request Form and been given a tentative time for your class by the coordinator
  2. Read the 2015-2016 Teacher Info Packet  on the website.
  3. Submitted a Statement of Faith Form. 

Did you read and understand the 2015-2016 Teacher Info Packet, including the new information about the mandatory meeting you will need to attend on Sept. 3rd?


Yes No- Please clarify with Michela before proceeding

Have you signed and returned the Statement of Faith form included in the teacher packet?

It may be turned in at the Co-op admin table on the first day of classes. Former teachers should mark "yes" as it should be on file. There is no need to submit a new one.

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Class Title

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Coordinator/Instructor Email Address (separate mulitple addresses with a comma) Only 2 teachers per class, unless approved by Michela- for example, 3 teachers are teaching 3 classes together.


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Instructor Name(s) 

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Instructor Phone Number


Curriculum that will be used for the class (optional)


Textbook needed by students (optional)

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Class Start Date (earliest date is 9/10)

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Finish Date- While we used to end many of our lower grade classes in April, for continuity of families being on campus to complete their volunteer jobs all year and for our younger students to have something to do while their upper grade siblings are in still in classwe now strongly encourage all teachers to end their classes on the last day of co-op- 5/21Thanks!

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Tentative class time given to you by Co-op Coordinator (starting and ending times)

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Course Description Write up

Please submit the following information in paragraph form, exactly as you want it to look on the website: 

  • Description of the class
  • Class prerequisite (if any)
  • Any help required from parents (teaching, grading, care for your child, presence in class, etc)
  • Approximate time/work required from students outside of class
  • Supplies needed (if any)
  • If continuing students are given priority registration
  • Refund information, if different than the CFS Policy as written in the Teacher Handbook
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Maximum number of students

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Minimum number of students needed (for class to go forward and not be canceled)


If your enrollment does not meet the minimum number, you will need to cancel your class and notify parents of those who are signed up. By which date do you want to cancel the class if the number of students is below the threshold you have set? Many teachers select one week prior to (9/3), or the first date of class (9/10).

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Class Fee (Note: We will assume it is for the entire year unless you specify otherwise)


If you are a non-CFS Parent  or Student Teacher and want families to be able to pay your class fee via Paypal (highly recommended for ease of collection), please enter the email address connected with your Paypal account. 


Will you be sending a document that you want placed with your write up for parents to download? (If so, please email separately to Emily at  emilyac@cfs.seada.com)


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Please enter your email below and then check your email for a copy of this submitted form and let the coordinator know of any changes to your scheduling request at co-op@cfspoway.org