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Thanks for offering to teach a class this Fall! We couldn't do co-op without you & really appreciate your talent and dedication.


Have you already submitted a Statement of Faith? If you have taught a class in previous years, you do not need to submit another one. However, a Statement of Faith must be turned in to the coordinator or at the admin table before the process of adding a class begins.

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Bible Social Studies
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Length of Class: For ease of scheduling we ask that classes are scheduled in 50 or 80 (hour & 20 min) minute increments.

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If "other" was selected for the previous question, please state the requested length of the class:

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Please tell us when you would like the class to start- We'd appreciate 1st and 2nd preferences. If you don't have a specific preference you can simply say "no preference" or "morning" or "afternoon" if you are flexible. 

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Please don't conflict with these other classes (if no preference, please say so):


Audio/Visual (A/V) Equipment requests (the regular overhead projector is the old-style overhead projector that uses transparencies) Only certain rooms/floors have some of the items requested and your request may limit the time of the class and/or the room available. Thanks in advance for your flexibility.

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whiteboard DVD/TV
Transparencies Overhead Projector Computer Projector
ELMO document camera none

The amount of time the Audio/Visual selected above will be needed (if you selected whiteboard in the above question, I will assume you want it weekly- this is for the dvd/tv or projectors):


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