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Mrs. Kate Yoakam To All Instructors

Kate has a passion for history and has devoted many hours, webinars, movie nights and vacations to the study of history.  She has been studying history most of her life, and is constantly researching and learning something new in her free time. She especially enjoys helping students make connections to history and see why it matters.   Kate enjoys challenging her students to engage with history thru project based learning, beyond the textbook, and loves engaging with primary sources and teaching students how to use them.   Kate currently co-leads a homeschool co-op where she has taught classes for 10 years.   She believes strongly that a firm understanding of history is vital in order to fully understand the issues facing our world today.

Kate makes her home in Otsego with her awesome storm chasing husband and 2 gregarious kids.  She has been a home educator for 10 years, and has loved the freedom and fun they have had learning together.  When she’s not engaged in research for fun, you can find Kate playing board games with her family and friends (her favorites are Catan and Agricola), Crocheting and practicing Israeli Dance.  She has a love for Israel and has recently realized a lifelong dream by getting to travel there on a ministry trip.   She’s already planning the return trip!  

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