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Registration Steps

Registration Steps:  Upon membership approval, follow the directions below

1. Login with username and password
2. Go to Registration on top navigation bar, click on Class Registration
3. View Class Schedule grid
4. Click on first class you want student registered for
5. Specify which student is enrolling for course by clicking on appropriate box next to
student's name on screen
6. Click "Register"
7. Add next class by following steps 4, 5, 6 - repeat this process for each additional
class registering for
8. After all classes have been chosen,scroll to the top of the "class registration page"  and click " View Class Registration Summary" and print for personal records and confirmation that student is registered
9. At bottom of screen, choose "pay now" if you want to use PayPal
10.  If paying by check, you are done registering on the website.  Simply mail in a check to WEST to confirm your spot.

  • Print Paypal receipt for personal and tax records
  • If paying by check, copy check as this will suffice as your receipt

WEST DOES NOT provide receipts

Final Step:
If you desire to have a record of the classes your student/s has taken at WEST this past semester, log in to your WEST account and follow these steps:

- Click on "My Registration" on the WEST home page
- Click on "View All"  
- Print list of classes with amount paid

This document may be helpful for tax records as WEST does NOT provide receipts

Go to Registration and Enrollment Policies tab for payment options and information