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Ms. Bridgett Powers To All Instructors

Once upon a time in the faraway land of Louisiana, a little girl named Bridgett dreamt of becoming a teacher, being a mommy, and using words to take people to magical places. Then, she grew up and discovered her superpowers… In 1993, she graduated Cum Laude with dual Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. After earning her Master of Education (MEd) degree in 1994, she began teaching in public schools, where she combined her superpowers of diagnosing students’ individual needs and teaching through multi-sensory techniques to save students from boring, frustrating lessons. Dream #1: check. Now, she spends her days in Minnesota as a mild-mannered editor, book formatter, published author, speaker, writing coach, and co-leader of a Christian writers’ group. When she isn't slaying evil grammar errors or rescuing lost commas in other people’s stories, she’s exploring fantastical worlds and the deep places in the human spirit for her own books. Dream #3: check. What about Dream #2? Well, she gets to play with and teach other people’s awesome kids, including those of her fellow superhero—um, tutor—Rebecca.

Co-tutoring with Mrs. Rebecca Bergren - No villain or nefarious circumstance could keep these two superheroes from joining forces. In 2007, Bridgett's and Rebecca's worlds collided, and a new story-problem-fighting, coauthoring duo was born. In 2016, they made their editing and coaching exploits official with the launch of Light's Scribe Writer Services. Now, they can't wait to inspire the next generation of authors!

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