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Mrs. Rachael Chernyavsky To All Instructors

Rachael Chernyavsky is a Monart Instructor and homeschooling mom since 2003. She studied at the University of Minnesota as well as at Trinity Bible School. While living in Washington, she started her art education at Issaquah Monart school, where she taught for three years before moving to Minnesota. Since returning to Minnesota, Rachael has had the opportunity to continue teaching art classes at Minnetonka Center for the Arts and provide art enrichment programs for the Minneapolis Public Schools. In addition to art, Rachael loves science, writing and story telling. She is a creative and enthusiastic teacher, whose passion is to engage students to become lifelong learners by providing an interactive and creative environment. An outdoor enthusiast and lover of nature, Rachael enjoys gathering her nine children to travel and have adventures. She loves sunshine, having a passport, camping, dogs, lots of kids, gardens and Jesus. 

Current Classes
Cartooning – Tutor (open)
Introduction to Forensics – Tutor (open)
Middle School Life Science (T2) – Tutor (open)
General Science (W2) – Tutor (open)
General Science (W3) – Tutor (open)
Interior Design – Tutor (open)
Middle School Life Science (W4) – Tutor (open)