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Book Sale Coordinator & Book Sale Assistant

Book Sale Coordinator

  • Help post book sale advertisements(craigslist) other local homeschool forums or online groups (Yahoo Groups, facebook etc..) Work with Facebook Coordinator.
  • Send out emails/ post on Hedfex Forum to members who would like to participate in sales.
  • Request tables from church for book sale.
  • Once someone would like to participate, provide details and send book tags sales.
  • Set up volunteer schedule of who is helping, what are their roles, (cash box, set up or clean up).
  • Get cash box ready (petty cash) get lock box from registar.

Day of Book sale

  • Come a little early, put up subject signs on each table for organization,
  • bring notebook and calculator to keep track of sales and a phone/device that is connected to hedfex paypal and that has internet connection (get credit card scanner from registrar)
  • At the end help add up total sale and give amount to registrar.

Book Sale Assistant

  • Help the Book sale coordinator with the setup and the cleanup of the sale.
  • Assist with the cash box when people are making purchases.
  • Assist with the use of the credit card scanner in case purchases are not made in cash.
  • Keep track of the tags  that are being sold and organize them, to be able to keep track of member's merchandise.
  • Make sure to tell members to be there at the end of the sale to pick up their unpurchased merchandise.

Advertisement Updates

  • Update the ad brochure, flyers, trifold and MHA ad as needed assisting the leadership team.