CHOICE Homeschool Group

ETC Information

ETC (Enrichment Through CHOICE) Co-op Classes

**Click here to see a schedule of our current or upcoming classes: ETC Classes **

ETC Classes will be held on Thursdays at Whitefield Baptist Church from 10:00-2:30.  This is not a drop-off co-op.  One parent must be on the premises at all times. 

ETC Membership costs $10.00 per student each semester, plus the cost of each class the student is taking. There may be a separate interview as a part of the process for ETC Membership.  All fees must be paid prior to attending any classes.

We have classes for all ages, and all parents are required to teach or be a teacher's assistant. You may be an assistant your first semester, but you will be expected to teach a class all semesters after that. We also require that all families assist with setting up and/or resetting and cleaning the premises.

**More information can be found in our handbook: ETC Handbook. Please fill out the Teacher Application when requested.**