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Exhibit Information

Family Vision/Potter’s Clay Art Show,

Open Mic Night, Friday, February 22, 6:30PM

*Please note that display space is limited, so artwork will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Artwork must be turned in to the front desk staff at The Family Vision between Monday, February 11th, and Tuesday, February 19th. The form below must be filled out and turned in for EACH PIECE of artwork.

*The cost to exhibit is $10 per person for up to 3 art pieces with a $25 cap per family. Checks are payable to The Family Vision with proceeds supporting the outreach of TFV. Ribbons will be awarded in all age categories beginning with age 4. (Photography and 3-D ribbons are not awarded by age category.) All artwork must stay on display at The Family Vision until the following show (about two or three months).

*Please bring a FINGER snack or dessert to share for the light reception.


*All artwork must be God-honoring, original, and not traced.

*For the safety of your art and the guests of The Family Vision, when turned in, art MUST be framed and have hardware SECURELY ATTACHED to the correct end or side for accurate hanging and displaying. PLEASE DO NOT USE FRAMES THAT ARE FALLING APART OR TAPED TOGETHER. THESE ARE DIFFICULT TO HANG SAFELY. Hobby Lobby and other craft stores have inexpensive, but sturdy, frames.

*It is recommended that wrapped canvases be framed, but if not, you will be asked to sign a waiver indicating that you understand the risk. *We cannot hang artwork that does not match these criteria, and we reserve the right to deny entry for artwork deemed unfit for hanging. The Family Vision and Potter’s Clay are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen pieces.


We accept 3-D art that has the characteristics of height, depth, and width, and free form art must fit into our glass display case or be able to be safely hung on the wall with proper hanging apparatus on the back. Some common examples of 3-D Art include (but are not limited to) sculpture, glass blowing, carving, relief sculpture, weaving, and other fiber arts.


*If questions, please contact Marcia Petrossian at 636-487-1747 or mmpetrossian@charter.net


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Entrant’s Name __________________________________________

Circle Category(ies) you are entering:     Classic Art     Photography     3 –D Art

Circle Age Category When Piece was Completed:

Age 4 to 6

Age 7 to 9

Age 10 to 12

Age 13 to 15

Age 16-18

Adult Above 18

Name of Piece____________________________________________


For Sale: No or Yes (if yes, list price here or write ‘make offer’)_______________

Cataloging Number _______________(to be filled out by a Family Vision staff person who will make sure this number matches the number written in the cataloging folder.)