Science Tutor

Jennifer Holt

  • Apologia Biology
  • Apologia Chemistry
  • Survey of High School Chemistry (fall semester)
  • Survey of High School Anatomy (spring semester)

Graduating from the University of Minnesota at Morris with a Bachelor of Arts (English major, Biology and Chemistry minors), I took classes in a variety of disciplines as I loved learning then as much as I still do now.  I postponed applying for medical school as my husband started seminary, then changed my career path permanently as God led me to stay home with the family He would give us.  Five children and ten years of homeschooling later, I’m so thankful for the path on which the Lord has led my family and me, during which he prepared me for things I could have never foreseen.  The opportunity to tutor allows me to share my enthusiasm for learning and hopefully pass it on. 

I have a passion for engaging all styles of learners and enjoy incorporating that into each of my classes, whether it's having a coffeehouse-style discussion in Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, helping students apply Study Skills lessons of note-taking and planner usage into their other classes, role-playing the action of an enzyme in Biology, or using molecular model kits for Chemistry students to see (and touch!) how molecules form.  My goal is to not only make learning effective and fun, but also memorable.  Starting my sixth year at WEST, I look forward to presenting the power, beauty, order, and creativity of God to Biology, Chemistry, Study Skills, and Literature students.   God is so good!

Linda Kaye Williams

  • Apologia Physical Science

This is my sixth year teaching at WEST and it is my pleasure to explore physical science. In addition to Physical Science, in the past I have taught Chemistry for WEST and Mathematics at The University of Saint Thomas. I like science and students. It is exciting to work with the minds of the future. I have previously taught polymer chemistry to high school students and was Chair of the 3M Science Training Encouragement Program, which was designed to introduce students to science and technology in industrial settings. I have also taught mathematics at The University of Michigan.

In industry, I worked as a Research Chemist and Process Engineer for 3M and IBM. I hold six patents in thermal dye technology. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry and an M.S. in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from The University of Michigan. Continuing education includes graduate coursework in polymer chemistry, engineering, polymer processing, and industrial chemistry.

I am blessed to have a husband and two high-energy, intelligent children that have helped us optimize “hands-on learning.” We made volcanoes after eating thanksgiving dinner. Thank God for gravy and science.

Melissa Kuch

  • Answers in Genesis Earth Science (returning fall of 2015)
  • Answers in Genesis Life Science (returning fall of 2016)
  • Answers in Genesis Chemistry Science
  • Apologia General Science

Melissa Kuch received her Minnesota teacher’s license in elementary education and middle school science in the fall of 2011 through the University of Minnesota, where she is currently finishing her Masters of Education degree. Her Bachelor of Arts degree was earned in 2001 through Northwestern College in St. Paul, where she majored in Bible and graphic design. 

Now Melissa enjoys combining her knowledge of Bible, science, and art to bring a creative classroom experience to students, based on both biblical and scientific knowledge. Making science fun for the students has become a passion for Melissa, as she enjoys bringing hands-on learning experiences to students while developing positive relationships. Working with the homeschool community has proven to be very rewarding for her, as this will be her fourth year at WEST. Other teaching experiences she currently holds include substitute teaching for the Elk River School District and being a private piano instructor.