WEST PSEO Instructor Biographies

Jenevieve Rannow

  • General Psychology - PSY 130 - 3 credits (Crown College)

Born and raised in Montana, Jenevieve became a Minnesota resident after she received her bachelor’s degree in Social Studies education, major in Bible, and minor in Math from Northwestern University in St. Paul.  From an early age, God has given her a passion for training up youth, whether it is in the mountains of Montana, a gymnastics gym, the English school in China, or Sunday school classes in inner city Minneapolis.  Jenevieve spent 13 years teaching multiple social studies disciplines in the Osseo and Minneapolis Public Schools. The last few years, Jenevieve taught as substitute teacher at Maranatha Christian Academy where her older 3 boys attend.  The Lord has shown Jenevieve that academic knowledge of a subject (ex: Scripture, History, and Psychology of human behavior) has value for lifetime achievements.  However, the greater value comes from experiential knowledge (ex: a true relationship with Christ, applying historical lessons, and modifying human behavior).  As a result, her teaching style focuses on student centered learning where students are able to apply their knowledge and take ownership of their learning.  Jenevieve just gave birth to her 4th boy in March and enjoys spending time singing and traveling with her family.  God has given her a strong desire to support children in their Christian education and she looks forward to helping WEST students further their learning.

Jennifer Holt

  • College Writing and Research - ENG 1510 - 3 credits (Crown College)

A graduate of the University of Minnesota at Morris with a Bachelor of Arts (an English major with Biology and Chemistry minors), Jennifer Holt loves learning as much now as she did then. The opportunity to serve as a tutor for WEST and a teaching assistant for Crown College allows her to share and pass on this enthusiasm for learning. 

Jennifer has a passion for engaging all styles of learners and enjoys incorporating that passion into each setting for classroom instruction.  Whether it is having a coffeehouse-style discussion, role-playing the class content, or using hands-on models, Jennifer’s goal is to make learning effective, fun, and memorable.  She is delighted to have served six years at WEST, where she has tutored Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Study Skills, and Literature.  Jennifer looks forward to a new year of personally supporting students while communicating God’s power, beauty, order, and creativity.

Bryan Vanthof

  • Macroeconomics - ECO 331 - 3 credits (Crown College)

Bryan has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Bethel University and a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Cloud State University majoring in Finance and minoring in Economics.  Bryan is a Realtor and small business owner living in Plymouth.  As a small business owner, Bryan has had hands on experience with all aspects of what it takes to run a business from Accounting to Operations to Sales & Marketing and anything in between.  Bryan has had the fortune of training dozens of other real estate agents as owner of that small business and is looked to frequently as a valued resource even from more experienced real estate agents.  Bryan also spent many years as a securities trader for local brokerage firms.

 Bryan’s teaching style will be an interactive lecture format.  His goal is to keep the learners engaged in the subject matter by asking questions of the learners, small group activities, and other interactive projects.  Bryan believes people learn best by doing and so will be incorporating examples of real world application in the lecture.  He encourages questions whether in or out of class. 

Bryan believes Christian ethics are paramount in the business world and as leaders.  Christian ethics are the foundation by which all aspects of our lives are built and business is no different.  Our ethics are not left at the door when we enter the secular world.  Bryan’s personal interests revolve around his kids and their activities.  He also enjoys current events and traveling.   

Karen Heuer

  • American Government - HIS 2510 - 3 credits (Crown College)
  • Introduction to Public Communication - COM 1515 - 3 credits (Crown College)

Karen graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1984 with a B.A. in International Relations and a desire to go on to Law School. To get experience in the field, she worked at a law firm in Minneapolis for several years both prior to and during law school. She was at the firm of Zimmerman, Caplan and Reed, first as a receptionist, then legal secretary, and finally as a law clerk. She continued with this firm for a time as a law student until the opportunity to work as a law clerk supporting an in-house litigator became available at Control Data Corporation, in Bloomington, Minnesota. Wishing to become a litigator herself, representing clients in the courtroom, she seized this opportunity and continued at Control Data throughout law school. Karen graduated from William Mitchell College of law in 1989. She was immediately hired by Control Data Corporation as an attorney and began litigating cases for the company all around the United States. Karen was married in 1990 and began working for a new corporation, National Computer Systems, in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. At NCS, Karen still litigated cases and also began working in the area of employment law and patent law.

Karen and her husband Dean had two kids and Karen continued to work for NCS. However in 1999, upon having their third child, the Heuers decided to make a change and began homeschooling. The Heuers have been doing this ever since. They have graduated two children from their homeschool, their oldest boy is now a U.S. Marine, their daughter is graduating college in the spring of 2016, their youngest child is still homeschooling and in 11th grade.

Karen has taught American Government before and is looking forward to teaching again because it fits with her interests, skills and background. She studied government both in her undergraduate program and, of course, in law school and has continued to learn during her homeschool career. She believes strongly in providing a clear understanding of our government--its founding, growth and current state; its structure and operations-- in order to provide students with the basis to participate meaningfully in our government.

Heather Kipp

  • College Algebra I - MATH 125 - 3 credits (NCU)
  • Practical Math - MATH 115 - 3 credits (NCU)

Heather Kipp graduated with a B.S. from Northwestern College in Roseville, MN, with majors in Mathematics Education and Bible and a minor in Science in 2000. In 2014, she received her M.A. in Education from Bethel University in Arden Hills, MN with a concentration in Online Teaching.   

She has taught mathematics in a variety of capacities and levels - elementary math through college courses.  Prior to teaching at WEST she taught high school mathematics in the public schools, ACT prep courses, tutored individual students, and started a tutoring ministry.  In recent years, she has been a stay-at-home mom and has enjoyed the opportunity to homeschool her own children in addition to teaching PSEO math and ACT Test prep classes at WEST. She has a passion for teaching mathematics and enjoys helping students become life-long learners.  Many of her favorite tutoring experiences have been while ministering to students in the inner-city, and she is always blessed when she sees students overcome struggles and begin to thrive.

Her interests include music, reading, hiking, and gardening.  She is actively involved in the music ministry of her local church and serving the practical and spiritual needs of others at CityLifeWorks, a ministry in North Minneapolis. 

Professor TBD
  • Spanish IA - MLAN 141 - 4 credits (NCU)
  • Spanish IB - MLAN 142 - 4 credits (NCU)

Chris Ballentine

  • American Sign Language I - MLAN 150 - 4 credits (NCU)
  • American Sign Language II - MLAN 151 - 4 credits (NCU)

Hailed from Kalamazoo, Michigan and born deaf into a hearing family, I grew up wearing hearing aids and speaking English.  I then started learning Signed Exact English (SEE) until going to National Technology Institute for the Deaf college in Rochester, NY.  This was when I first learned of ASL and deaf culture thus began my passion for learning ASL and teaching it.  After graduation with a photography degree at RIT, I joined a full-time traveling drama Christian group called “The Tenth Coin” all over the U.S ministering to churches.  Later, I moved to Belize, Central America working at a Deaf School as an Assistant Administrator and interim Director.  After living abroad for 17 months, I returned to the U.S to marry my wife - we recently our 20th this past Fall.  We have 3 deaf children whom we love dearly and couldn’t be more proud of.  Our oldest will be graduating from high school this June.   

I have taught ASL in a wide variety places.  In Massachusetts, I taught at an Adult Community Center in Boston.  I also taught at North Essex Community College in Andover, MA and at Boston University for a few years.  Currently, I am an ASL instructor at North Central University, which I have been doing for the past 4 years.

I enjoy seeing students blossom through understanding of the language and am able to carry on conversations without the aid of an ASL interpreter.  I do throw in tidbits of deaf cultures to help my students understand what it’s really all about.  Watching students develop a respect for ASL and the deaf culture makes it all worthwhile of my time and investments.  Some of my former students have eventually become teachers for deaf children or even ASL interpreters.  One even became a missionary to deaf people in Africa!   That is my inspiration and passion. 

When I'm not working on lesson plans or teaching, I enjoy Netflix. I am a movie buff!  I also enjoy photography, going to my children’s sport meets and cheering them on, socializing on Facebook and keeping in touch with family and friends near and far.  Cooking is a must for me. I love creating new recipes from nothing!   I am excited to be working with your children at WEST and look forward building bridges! 

Susan Kilbride

  • Foundations of Biology with lab - SCI 1531 - 4 credits (Crown College)

Susan graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in biology, Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, she worked as a research assistant in Venezuela studying floodplain fish for two winters. Her first love was science and nature but as time went on she also discovered a passion for genealogy and history. She’s been a home educator for sixteen years and has taught science, writing, and history classes to homeschoolers both in Hawaii and Minnesota. She’s the author of Science Unit Studies for Homeschoolers and Teachers and a series of historical chapter books on American history, the Our America series. She and her students in Hawaii wrote a book on Hawaiian culture, The Hawai’iana Project that has been put in the Honolulu Public Library’s legacy library, where it is guaranteed to stay on the shelves for 100 years. Susan is also the author of a number of articles in various genealogical publications and was co-author of an article in Biotropica, a science journal.

Susan’s goal is to make learning fun for her students so that they have a lifelong appreciation of whatever subject she teaches.

Sandy Adler

  • Art Appreciation - FAR 1560 - 3 credits (Crown College)

Sandy Adler attended Austin Community College to pursue an AA in Fine Arts, Minneapolis Technical College to pursue an AA in Graphic/Commercial Design, and Crown College for a degree in Christian Education. She is currently a practicing and accomplished artist in both fine arts and graphic design. She is the Director of Marketing, Advertising and Promotion as well as Vice President of Heart of the City Ministries, a non-profit organization led by Sandy and her husband for the purpose of bringing racial and denominational unity to the Body of Christ in the Twin Cities area. Her paintings in oil pastel have been featured in businesses in the Osseo area. She has been teaching art for the past 15 years in area co-ops as well as after school enrichment programs in the local school districts, with over 160 students during the 2008-9 school year. In 2006 Sandy won a grant through the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council to bring her pastels class into a select group of inner-city schools, in order to provide supplies and instruction to students living at or below poverty level. An 11-year homeschool veteran herself, Sandy’s passion is to make art instruction engaging and inspiring for students of all levels, and to help them truly learn to “see” the beauty of God’s world around them as they learn art basics and secrets that hone their own skills and abilities as young artists.