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PHS Leadership Team

The PHS Leadership Team is concerned with the management or day-to-day operations and implementation of policy and programs of Planet Homeschool. These volunteers are responsible for communicating our mission, strategy, and policies to our members and instructors and for coordinating our members toward accomplishing our goals beyond the scope of individual effort. The PHS Leadership Team reports to the MSHE Board.

2023–2024 Executive Volunteers

Executive Volunteers are experienced co-op members who have volunteered to take on the responsibility of developing and implementing the best strategies and policies to achieve our co-op’s goals and for ensuring that all essential tasks are completed. They are committed to knowing, learning, understanding, discussing, researching, setting, explaining, clarifying, revising, and (if necessary) enforcing co-op policies and practices that are in alignment with our co-op’s mission and values, to both soliciting and listening to the preferences and suggestions of our members, and to being discreet with any private information shared by our past, current, or prospective members and instructors.

  1. Aza Donnelly, Co-op Director.
  2. Kim Guedes, Co-op Director.
  3. Katie Minnich, Associate Co-op Director.
  4. Kathy Oaks, Associate Co-op Director.
  5. Carrie Wilder, Co-op Advisor.

Executive Volunteers can expect to spend some time weekly leading the co-op. That includes monitoring the status of our co-op, engaging in decision-making discussions online, and attending planning meetings.

Meetings & Agendas   Resources   About Us

Contact our co-op’s Executive Volunteers regarding policies and operations at PHS.


2023–2024 Support Volunteers

Support Volunteers are co-op members who have volunteered to take on the responsibility of ensuring that specific essential tasks needed to implement the policy and programs of Planet Homeschool actually get done.

  1. Assistant Director: [Co-Directors].
  2. Class Registration Manager: …open….
  3. Copyeditor: Eliot West.
  4. Course Interest Survey Leads: Bee Harrison
  5. Communications Director: …open….
  6. Conflict Resolution Mediator: Kathy Oaks.
  7. Co-op Director: Mike Zugschwert.
  8. Finance Director: MIke Zugschwert
  9. Fundraising Coordinator: …open….
  10. Event Planner: Kim Guedes
  11. Member Liaison: Kathy Oaks.
  12. Membership Manager: …open….
  13. Open House Party PlannerBecky Hansen.
  14. Printing, Lamination, and Name Badges: Juliana Harrisking.
  15. Semiannual Get-Together Host: Kim Guedes.
  16. Social Media and Marketing Manager: Marisa Harder-Chapman.
  17. Volunteer Coordinators: Katie Minnich and Carrie Wilder.
  18. Website Editors: Kathy Oaks, Nic Rosenau, Eliot West, and Mike Zugschwert.

Resources   About Us

Co-op volunteers can be reached at PlanetHomeschoolMN@gmail.com. Messages sent to this address are received by our Communications Director(s) and are forwarded to the appropriate team member.

Members of Planet Homeschool can find personal contact information for most members and instructors in our co-op’s Member Directory.


Overview of Responsibilities


Board of Directors

Minnesota Secular Homeschool Enrichment, Inc.

  1. Kathy Oaks, President.
  2. Kim Chase-Kozak, Vice-President.
  3. Nic Rosenau, Treasurer.
  4. Tom Anderson, Secretary.
  5. Tiffany Skidmore, Member at Large.

The Board of Directors is concerned with governance or the vision and organizational direction of Planet Homeschool. Our Board defines expectations, grants our co-op’s Leadership Team the authority to act, verifies the performance of our co-op’s leadership team, and monitors our compliance with laws, regulations, and other requirements.