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PHS Leadership Team

The PHS Leadership Team is concerned with the management or day-to-day operations and implementation of policy and programs of Planet Homeschool. These volunteers are responsible for communicating our mission, strategy, and policies to our members and instructors and for coordinating our members toward accomplishing our goals beyond the scope of individual effort. The PHS Leadership Team reports to our Board.

2020-2021 Executive Volunteers

These are experienced co-op members who have volunteered to take on the responsibility of developing and implementing the best strategies and policies to achieve our co-op’s goals and for ensuring that all essential tasks are completed. They are committed to knowing, learning, understanding, discussing, researching, setting, explaining, clarifying, revising, and (if necessary) enforcing co-op policies and practices that are in alignment with our co-op’s mission and values, to both soliciting and listening to the preferences and suggestions of our members, and to being discreet with any private information shared by our past, current, or prospective members and instructors.

  1. Nic Rosenau, Director
  2. Theresa Redfern-Hall, Assistant Director
  3. Teri Frost, Associate Director
  4. Kathy Oaks, Associate Director
  5. Terri Finch, Advisor
  6. Carrie Wilder, Advisor

2020-2021 Support Volunteers

These are co-op members who have volunteered to take on the responsibility of ensuring that specific essential tasks needed to implement the policy and programs of Planet Homeschool actually get done.

  1. Administrative Assistant: Eliot Westerman
  2. Class Matrix Organizer: Kim Chase-Kozak
  3. Communications Director: Kathy Oaks
  4. Conflict Resolution Mediator: Kathy Oaks
  5. Finance Director: Teri Frost
  6. Instructor Liaison: Tanya Lewerenz
  7. Membership Manager: Nic Rosenau
  8. Open House Party Planner(s): open
  9. Parent Liaison: Kathy Oaks
  10. Picnic Coordinator: Terri Finch
  11. Social Activities Coordinator(s): open
  12. Social Media & Marketing Maven: Sophia Redfern-Hall
  13. Volunteer Coordinators: Carrie Wilder and Terri Finch
  14. Website Editors: Nic Rosenau and Eliot Westerman
  15. Website Volunteer, Historian, and Consultant: Theresa Redfern-Hall

Co-op volunteers can be reached at PlanetHomeschoolMN@gmail.com. Messages sent to this address are received by our Communications Director(s) and are forwarded to the appropriate team member.

Members of Planet Homeschool can find personal contact information for most members and instructors in our co-op's Directory of Members.

Overview of Responsibilities

Administrative Assistant(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Creates and update signage for the co-op, including classroom door signs
  3. Coordinates with Volunteer Coordinator(s) to ensuring Parent Monitor 3-ring binders, corkboard, and signage are up-to-date
  4. Reviews Family Profiles for completeness and accuracy and prompts members to make revisions as needed
  5. Creates name badges for students
     • provides pronoun stickers
  6. Assists with copyediting and data entry

Members can contact our Administrative Assistant(s) with requests for replacement name badges or concerns about the condition of the Parent Monitor station resources for volunteers.

Assistant Director(s)

  1. In case a lead volunteer is unable to fulfill their duties due to illness or family emergency, the Assistant Director is familiar with all aspects of running the co-op and can step in to fill those shoes at a moment’s notice.
  2. The Assistant Director also works with the Director(s) to ensure that all Lead Volunteer tasks are completed on schedule.

Class Matrix Organizer(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Responsible for shepherding the process of selecting classes for the following year
  3. Hosts the Brainstorming Session
  4. Creates and tallies the Class Surveys
  5. Ensures selected classes and their instructors are entered into the website registration system

Members can contact our Class Matrix Organizer(s) with suggestions for classes for the following year.

Communications Director(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Checks PlanetHomeschoolMN email account daily
  3. Is discreet
  4. Responds to emails promptly:
     • answers straightforward queries daily
         – maintains a list of answers to common questions for future volunteers
     • forwards others daily
         – to the appropriate volunteer(s) and/or instructor(s) when known
         – to the PHS Liaison Communication Group and/or the Director if not
         – maintains a list of common who-to-forward-to for future volunteers
  5. Keeps mailboxes clean
     • applies or removes labels as needed
     • archives completed items daily (answered, forwarded, or requiring-no-action)
     • unsubscribes from non-relevant newsletters
     • monitors spam for mislabeled emails regularly (about twice a month)
     • deletes unused drafts periodically (once or month or so)
  6. Is familiar with Gmail options (labels, filters, forwarding, +aliases, scheduling, snoozing, etc.)

Members can contact our Communications Director(s) at PlanetHomeschoolMN@gmail.com for help connecting with the right volunteer for any co-op-related concern.

Conflict Resolution Mediator(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Assists PHS parents, students, instructors, and volunteers with resolving interpersonal conflicts they are unable to resolve on their own
     • See our Conflict Resolution Process for more information>

Members can contact our Conflict Resolution Mediator(s) for help resolving co-op-related disagreements they are unable to resolve on their own.


  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Communicate with Faith UMC about PHS.
  3. Work with our Finance Director to review our co-op’s insurance coverage annually
  4. Ensure members are regularly informed of PHS policies and practices using Forum posts, member meetings, and this website
  5. Establish our co-op calendar for the following year and work with the Class Matrix Organizer(s) and Instructor Liaison(s) to set the class schedule and recruit instructors
  6. Support other Lead and Support Volunteers in their various roles, ensuring they are aware of their responsibilities and deadlines, have the tools and materials they need to complete their assigned tasks, and that those tasks are completed as scheduled
  7. Works with other Lead and Support Volunteers to ensure replacements are found for retiring volunteers and there is a smooth transfer of knowledge and responsibilities.

Members can contact our Director regarding the overall policy and operations of PHS

Finance Director(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Handle payments to PHS: primarily membership fees and donations
  3. Work with our Director to review our co-op’s insurance coverage annually
  4. Handle payments from PHS: renew website domain, pay Homeschool-Life for web-hosting, pay insurance, pay rent to Faith UMC, reimburse members for approved PHS-related expenditures
  5. Reconcile PHS accounts
  6. Work with instructors, Parent Liaison(s), and Instructor Liaison(s) to ensure outstanding tuition and materials fees are paid promptly

Members can contact our Finance Director with your payment, refund, and other finance-related questions and to submit receipts for reimbursement of approved PHS-related expenditures

Instructor Liaison(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Communicate with existing teachers throughout the year, including communicating about weather-related cancellations
  3. Send class rosters to instructors who are not PHS members
  4. Help the Class Matrix Organizer(s) find teachers for classes the co-op would like to see offered
  5. Work with the other Lead volunteers to create our class schedule for the following year
  6. Help the Class Matrix Organizer(s), Website Volunteer, and other PHS volunteers enter class information on our website to create our online class schedule

Members can contact our Instructor Liaison(s) with questions regarding instructors or ideas for an instructor for a potential class.

Parent Liaison(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Answer questions from new and prospective members
  3. Welcomes new members to the co-op
     • ensures they have all the information they need
         – how to pay their tuition invoices
         – how to set up student logins
         – how to access their Class Dashboards
         – how to contact their instructors
         – how to fulfill their volunteer commitment
         – existence of print-at-home membership cards and how to print them
  4. Helps new members connect with other members
     • encourages new and returning members to host social activities
     • works with Social Activities Coordinator(s) to keep members informed about opportunities for teens and families to socialize and connect
  5. Attends the Open House Party and Not-Back-to-School Potluck Picnic (and other PHS events as appropriate) to answer questions from prospective and new members

Members can contact our Parent Liaison(s) with questions about PHS and suggestions for building community at PHS.

Membership Manager(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Shepherds new and returning members through the membership and renewal process
     • tracks the progress of new and returning members through the 5 steps (also known as steps 1, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3).
     • follows up with those who are “stuck” partway through via email and phone
     • helps troubleshoot difficulties
     • reaches out to other volunteers for assistance if needed
     • approves new memberships when all steps are complete
  3. Understands the role that Sections play in class registration, member management, and the email tool
     • assigns new and returning members to appropriate sections to control registration
     • updates the sections of new and current members when it is time to renew for the following semester
     • reviews and revised the parked and unparked messages each semester
         – parks the accounts of non-renewed members approximately 1 week prior to the start of the Semester
     • maintains Sections
         – adds a new Section for each membership period
  4. Assists with class registration difficulties
     • reaches out to other volunteers for assistance if needed
  5. Handles class registration cancellation and transfers requests
     • informs instructor(s) of the need for refunds if any
     • informs the Finance Director(s) of the need for manual adjustments to invoices if any
     • notifies families of class cancellations due to low enrollment
     • notifies families that tuition and supplies fee refunds come from the instructor

Contact our Membership Manager(s) for help with joining Planet Homeschool or renewing your PHS membership.

Open House Party Planner(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Leads the planning of the Open House Party
  3. Creates a list of classes for distribution at Open House Party
  4. Coordinates snacks and decorations for Open House Party
  5. Organizes lunchtime presentations for Open House Party

Members can contact our Open House Party Planner(s) with your creative ideas for fun.

Picnic Coordinator(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Leads the planning of the Not-Back-to-School and End-of-the-Year potluck picnics.
  3. Reserves picnic shelter
  4. Ensures sufficient supplies
  5. Works with the Social Media & Marketing Maven(s) to promote the picnics on Facebook, including creating Facebook Event, to create promotional signage to display at Planet Homeschool, and to keep members apprised of plans via the Member Forum

Members can contact our Picnic Coordinator(s) with your creative ideas for fun.

Social Activities Coordinator(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Works with teens to plan and promote special days, including Halloween Costume Day, Pajama Day, and Formal Day
  3. Creates opportunities for teens and families to socialize and connect
  4. Encourages teens and families to host social opportunities
  5. Coordinates plans with other lead and support volunteers
  6. Assists with planning and promoting the Open House and the Not-Back-to-School and End-of-the-Year potluck picnics

Members can contact our Social Activities Coordinator(s) with your creative ideas for fun.

Social Media & Marketing Maven(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Promotes Planet Homeschool on Facebook (and other social media as appropriate)
  3. Composes and schedules Planet Homeschool Facebook Page posts about upcoming classes, including:
     • Creating images to promote upcoming classes (via photography, vector graphics, etc)
     • Finding public domain and creative commons images that can be used with attribution
     • Soliciting instructors for images to use
  4. Spreading the word to other local homeschool groups (as allowed by their own posting policies)
     • Sharing Planet Homeschool Facebook Page posts with appropriate Facebook groups (and your own friends)
     • Composing emails about upcoming classes for appropriate Yahoo Groups
     • Same for other non-Facebook and non-Yahoo Groups.
  5. Answers questions that come through the Planet Homeschool Facebook page
  6. Coordinates with Director(s) to communicate other Planet Homeschool important dates including registration deadlines, days off, and dangerous weather closings.
  7. Coordinates with Class Matrix Organizer(s) and Parent Liaison to spread the word when seeking instructors for the classes we want to offer
  8. Coordinates with other Lead volunteers and support volunteers to promote other Planet Homeschool events, including the Open House, Lunchtime Presentations, Not-Back-to-School, and End-of-the-Year potluck picnics, Halloween Costume Day, Pajama Day, Formal Day, theatrical productions, art shows, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Checks Volunteer Shift Logs for notes about items that need restocking and contact volunteer responsible for purchasing needed supplies
  3. Passes on information about behavior issues recorded in Volunteer Shift Logs to the Parent Liaison(s)
  4. Posts our weekly Volunteer Team roster to the PHS online forum.
  5. Assigns volunteers to Parent Monitor and Take-Down Shifts.
  6. Coordinates with Parent Liaison(s) to make sure volunteers are lined up to maintain the 3-ring binder that is kept on our parent monitor table during Planet Homeschool, including updating class rosters, directory, and emergency contact information
  7. Prompts those who cannot volunteer in those roles to volunteer their time and expertise in other ways.
  8. Maintains and updates the spreadsheet schedule of volunteers on the PHS bulletin board and website.

Members can contact our Volunteer Coordinator(s) with questions about the Volunteer Team roster or schedule, about Parent Monitor, Set-Up, and Take-Down duties, and about other ways that you can volunteer.

Website Editor(s)

  1. Duties of this role can be shared among a team of people
  2. Creates and maintains the annual “Important Dates” page
     • Archives previous year’s page neither too early nor too late
  3. Keeps Event Calendar Up-to-Date
     • Reviews and approves member-submitted events
  4. Keeps home page up-to-date
  5. Updates dates on print-at-home membership cards annually
  6. Revises "request membership form” (date updates and reviews for policy revisions) with the guidance of the Director(s), Finance Director(s), Membership Manager(s)
  7. Keeps webpage consistent in look and feel
  8. Manages navigation trees

Website Volunteer, Historian, and Consultant

  1. Website Volunteer: Assists in the loading of class choices into our website so you and your students can make the difficult choices of which class to take!
  2. Historian: A long time member holding the general institutional memory of PHS.
  3. Consultant: A general consultant/sounding board.

Board of Directors

Minnesota Secular Homeschool Enrichment, Inc.

  1. Theresa Redfern-Hall, President
  2. Kim Chase-Kozak, Vice-President
  3. Teri Frost, Treasurer
  4. Tom Anderson, Member at Large
  5. Joni Redfern-Hall, Member at Large

The Board of Directors is concerned with governance or the vision and organizational direction of Planet Homeschool. Our Board defines expectations, grants our Lead volunteers the authority to act, verifies the performance of our Lead volunteers, and monitors our compliance with laws, regulations, and other requirements.