We offer private voice & piano lessons! We offer College Credit Prep Classes for students as early as 7th grade! Membership is open for the semester.

Our History


The vision for Truth Academy began in 2008 in the local coffee shop.  Rebecca Irey and Kellee Metz visited while their kids attended AWANA at Calvary Memorial Church in Navarre.  Both of them had been members of other homeschool groups in the past and had concluded that there were certain elements important to them, that were missing from those groups.  They started brainstorming the ideas for starting a new homeschool group to meet certain needs such as:

  • Parents to have options to stay with their children or drop them off. 
  • Parents to have options of what courses would best support and enrich their specific homeschool.
  • An administrator on-site so that if students had gaps in their schedule, there would be a place where they could be and use the gym or the Commons as a study space.
  • A clear Statement of Faith for parents and teachers to sign to encourage like-mindedness in the community.
  • A Behavioral Policy that sets the guidelines on how they were going to resolve conflict in a Biblically honoring way.
  • To be able to equip parents to reduce their fees for classes with the Scrips program.
  • To focus on the ages of kids, not grades, to allow for maximum flexibility in scheduling.
  • To have time set aside for parents to pray for the needs of our community.
  • They also wanted to provide a parent support time where members could encourage each other on our homeschool journey.

With much prayer and God’s grace, the vision was implemented and the doors were opened in the fall of 2009.  In the beginning, there were some decisions made out of necessity but were continued out of choice.

When Truth Academy shared the facility with the Calvary Christian school for the first year Friday afternoon was the time they agreed upon. Over the years, there have been questions of whether TA would ever consider changing the day of the week. The answer is “Yes, we consider it every year.” But TA finally decided that it fits us the best for a number of reasons: It allows parents to run their homeschool from Monday to Thursday in a way that best meets the needs of their family; It allows parents time on Friday to reflect on what went well that week, what didn’t go so well, and how to make some course corrections; Fridays allow parents to have a weekend to enjoy some family time and Sabbath rest, where they can be more than just the homeschool teacher, they can be parents; and discipleship teachers from Bethlehem Seminary do not have scheduled classes on Fridays so we can utilize their gifts and talents in our young women and men's discipleship classes.

TA is frequently asked whether we would consider adding another day of classes to the week. Yes, we have. We have been in groups where they have split the older students from the younger students on different days. What we have seen is that it divides the family. Often parents don’t want to be out of the house that much, so they pick a day, usually for the older students at the expense of the younger students, and ultimately those groups tend to fold when students age out of the group. We have chosen to focus on keeping the family together on one day instead of dividing loyalties. Also, every person on our team is currently homeschooling our own kids so we need to have enough margin and grace to focus on homeschooling our families as well.

Erin Anderson


I was one of the original homeschool children being taught by my parents and participating in a co-op in Eugene, OR (my hometown) in 1985-1988. Knowing that I had turned out OK gave me the inspiration to give homeschooling a try when my kids were school age and we have been figuring it out since 2011. We live 5 minutes away from Truth Academy where my husband Travis attended school at Calvary Memorial School until 6th grade. I am a mix of rigid and spontaneous, loving boundaries and rules while also loving to launch into new territories of creativity when we all feel moved. I have a BS from the University of Oregon in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship which has never helped me file our taxes. Our family has been strong on history, the arts, and literature and less proficient in the cursive and math departments. We own a family marina business which keeps us in a crazy work schedule but we spend every spare moment outside or adventuring on bikes, boats, trails, or road tripping in the Sprinter camper van. I am passionate about supporting other homeschool families, but especially about supporting those who give their time and energy to leadership as it is a heavy but crucial yoke to help many people succeed with their homeschool journey. I am deeply loyal, love to laugh (mostly at myself), and am committed to the homeschool experience and supporting people starting, trying, and finishing.


Meagin Wuetherich

Administrator / Registrar 

Meagin has homeschooled her 3 children since 2013. Born and raised in Minnesota she appreciates the outdoors in every season. She views nature as one of God’s best classrooms. She loves gardening, reading, and sharing/teaching those hobbies with her children. Meagin and her husband have been married for 17 years.


Becky Bailey


My journey in the homeschool world began very early in my life. My parents attended one of the very first Mache meetings in the early 1980s, and committed to homeschooling me and my four siblings. I grew up attending church here at Calvary which is how I met my husband! Andy and I got married in 2003, and we live in the St Boni area where we are raising our 4 children. Our decision to homeschool was a natural one because of my past experience. Andy and I also really liked the idea of being able to control the learning environment of our children and most importantly, what they were being taught. And so our homeschool journey began in 2010. We were blessed to be a part of a small homeschool group consisting of four families that met twice monthly for several years. We have also enjoyed taking classes at Wings coop, and now love being a part of Truth Academy as our children begin High School. My Husband is an Operating Engineer, and because of his work schedule, we get to have him home with us a lot in the winter months. I am a Cosmetologist by training, and after years of working in the salon, I retired in 2009. I am also a staff member of a local BSF group that has a homeschool program. I love that my children and I can attend and study the Bible together! Our family enjoys playing games, reading books, listening to audio stories, playing musical instruments, and just spending time together. I am excited to be apart of Truth Academy’s Admin team! I look forward to partnering with TA families, and supporting them as they raise the next generation of disciples for Jesus Christ.