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Mrs. Lara Annese To All Instructors

Lara's love of teaching began with a passion for health and fitness, which led to an early career as a personal fitness trainer and Pilates instructor.  After years of cheerfully encouraging others to do that last rep., she decided to pursue further instruction in the direction of movement and health by applying to Physical Therapy School.  By the grace of God she was admitted, and attended school at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver, receiving her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2007.  


A lot has happened in between, the most significant being a wedding and a baby.  Lara and Mike’s most earnest hope for their son is that he would love the Lord, and for this reason they committed to homeschool him.  This has rekindled Lara’s love for teaching, and the journey has been a joy.  Though she loves teaching Pilates and working as a physical therapist, nothing compares with the privilege it is to teach, instruct, and learn alongside your own children!  She is looking forward to continuing this journey alongside children with Hearts for the Lord!

Current Classes
Life Science (Wed) – Instructor (closed)
Logic & Fallacy Detective (Mon) – Instructor (closed)