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Volunteer Policy



Are there volunteer requirements?


One of the many goals we have for our families at HEARTS is to keep the registration fee low. This is achieved by having volunteers and working together to help the co-op run smoothly. We all have different strengths, and enjoying serving in different ways, so we hope you will prayerfully consider which areas you feel led. We not only want to foster a strong academic community, but also a supportive environment for the whole family.

For the 2020-2021 school year, on-site shifts will generally be 1.5 hours each.  We ask that each co-op member sign-up for 5-7 shifts per semester (10-14 total for the year) and/or join a committee where you feel led.  There will also be opportunities to chaperone field trips, host events, participate in event planning, assisting with pizza day, and many other clubs/committees to join to fulfill your hours.  You may certainly become more involved, but we will only require 20 hours for the entire year.   

The shift options are flexible and will allow families to sign up for whatever is best for their family. If you want to complete your volunteer requirements in just two days, you can sign up for all of your shifts in just two days. If you want the flexibility of dropping in for shorter amounts of time, you can choose just one at a time!  You will feel called to chaperone or join a club/committee; it will be your choice.  If interested in a club/committee, please contact Tara Ford:  

The sign-up list of volunteer opportunities will be sent in June.  It will be first come first serve.  We will start with on-site shifts and send the club/committee opportunities in July.

Incompletion of hours:
There will be a fee of $25/hour that is not fulfilled.  We hope you understand that missing shifts/not fulfilling the volunteer requirements requires HEARTS to hire someone to fill those shifts.

Waiving the volunteer requirement:
 A fee of $500 can be paid in lieu of volunteer hours.  This would need to be paid with the registration.