Untitled Header Image Our academics are both rigorous and engaging. We offer a full range of Apologetics courses. Students participate in special events, including a high school prom. We are glad you are here!

Volunteer Policy

One of the many goals we have for our families at HEARTS is to keep the registration fee low. This is achieved by having volunteers and working together to help our homeschool academy run smoothly. We all have different strengths, and enjoy serving in different ways, so we hope you will prayerfully consider which areas you feel led. We not only want to foster a strong academic community, but also a supportive environment for the whole family. Volunteering is a great way to be involved and meet the other families/students at HEARTS!

Supervisor's Assistant is the main way to help with volunteering (shifts are the following times, one day per week for a semester. Basically, it is 13 shifts per year).

General duties: study hall monitor, assist with special events, assist supervisor with set ups and breakdowns, monitor door, etc. 
Mondays: 1st period (8:15 - 10:30) , 2nd period (10:15-12:30), 3rd period (11:45-2:00), 4th period(1:45 -3:30)
Wednesdays: 1st period (8:15 - 10:30) , 2nd period (10:15-12:30), 3rd period (11:45-2:00), 4th period(1:45 -3:30)
Thursdays: 1st period (8:15 - 10:30) , 2nd period (10:15-12:30), 3rd period (11:45-2:00), 4th period(1:45 -3:30)

Opening or Closing Shifts (these run all year):
Monday, Wednesday OR Thursday
Opening shift: 8:15 - 9:00
Closing shift: 2:45-3:30

A survey is sent out prior to assess schedule needs/requests. Our Volunteer Coordinator works diligently to accommodate. Younger siblings are not permitted on campus during volunteer hours. We ask that you make arrangements for childcare during your shifts with HEARTS.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities may be available. These are above and beyond the supervisor assistants roles not in place of them.
These roles require steering committee approval and are frequently filled with parents that have already helped in the specific area and that were members with HEARTS the previous year.
Please reach out to Tara Ford for additional information tara@heartsforthelord.org.

Graduation Assistant

Student Council - Adult Lead

Fellowship of Student Athletes - Adult Lead

Prom Committee Member 

Concession and Lunch Coordinator

Parent Fellowship Coordinator (compile prayer requests, coordinate meal trains where needed, coordinate parent events, etc)

Sports Information Contact (maintain contacts/up-to-date information for local team sports open for Hearts' students, advertise sporting events, like 5ks/charity runs, for students to form teams and participate)

Incomplete hours:
For each hour not fulfilled, a $25 fee will be applied. We hope you understand that missing shifts/not fulfilling the volunteer requirements requires HEARTS to find someone else someone to fill those shifts. This includes late shifts.

Waiving the volunteer requirement:
A fee of $500 can be paid in lieu of volunteer hours. This would need to be paid with the registration.