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What is the process for joining HEARTS?

If you need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to one of our contacts.

Membership Process/Procedures:
We want to provide a clear outline of the required steps to attend classes at HEARTS.

1.  Read the FAQ page for some basic information.
2.  Request membership:  By requesting membership, you agree with the HEARTS' Statement of Faith, policies/procedures/student code of conduct.
3.  Interview with a New Member Representative.

Once a Member:
4. Upon approval, a $25 processing fee will be collected.  You will then have access to our member-only site and be able to register for classes.
5. Register and pay class registration fees to HEARTS (includes student insurance, building fees/expenses, website and other operational expenses).

To pay via PayPal: log-in, click "balance" and pay using PayPal button 
To send payment by mail:
      HEARTS for the Lord
      Attn:  Accounting
      P.O.. Box 283
      Ashburn, VA 20146

6. Your instructors will reach out with payment instructions.  Your materials fee/tuition is paid directly to your instructor.
7. Parent/Guardian will complete our medical waiver/emergency contact form, liability waiver, and facility use waiver.
8. Parent/Guardian and student will complete our communicable disease waiver and Parent/Student Handbook Agreement.