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What sports programs are available to Hearts students?

HEARTS students have the opportunity to play on a number of teams in the area.  Some of the teams will require a competitive tryout while others may be in need of players and thrilled to have you.  We have both student athletes, some that graduate with scholarships in their sport, and students just looking for the camaraderie of a team!  

We also plan to put together groups to participate in 5k runs, fun runs, and several other sporting events!

If you choose to play at a particular school, for a particular sport, you must continue with that school's programs, UNLESS they don't offer the sport you are looking for that season.

Because there is such flexibility/opportunity for participation in sports, we encourage you to reach out to the particular school/program that interests you.

If you run cross-country in the fall with a school, and you want to play soccer in the spring, you must play with that original school you joined for cross country UNLESS they don't offer soccer.  

The below information is from the NVIAC website.  This can be found under Article V - General Rules, in Section 6 - Player Eligibility. 

This is the actual statement given about playing for multiple schools during a school year:
f. A player may not change organizations for whom he/she plays during that school year unless the first organization with which the player has been affiliated does not offer the sport in which that player wishes to play.  If that first organization doesn't offer the sport, that player is free to choose a second organization to play for, but must revert to the first organization for subsequent sports, which the first organization offers.  The player is not allowed to choose to play for a third organization if the sport is offered by the second organization.