Surprise Scholé Academy

Learning Symposiums

Learning Symposiums

The sixth week of each academic block is a Learning Symposium and is followed by a rest week. During this time, no new material will be introduced.  Instead, it is a time to celebrate, contemplate, and discuss all that the students encountered during the previous five weeks. Students will enjoy memory work review games, individual and class presentations, and other activities as scheduled. 

There are five themed Learning Symposiums each year.

Learning Symposium I

History Festival: Each student will create a display/presentation on some facet of history for the current year. The theme for 2024/2025 is Ancient History The display/presentation should include an explanatory poster/storyboard that describes the project, process, or design. The project and presentation should be thoughtful and commensurate with the grade level and age of the student. 

Learning Symposium II

Entrepreneur Fair & Christmas Party: This Christmastime Symposium culminates with the Annual Entrepreneur Fair in which all students (grammar age and higher) are encouraged to present their own handmade items for sale. This is an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their at-home Common Arts practice and earn money too!

Learning Symposium III

Poetry Slam & Valentine Party: Students will recite a poem from memory. The Learning Symposium Coordinator will request poem titles from all students no later than Week 2 of Block 3. All poems must be approved by the LS Coordinator (no duplicates). The poems must be traditionally published poems by known authors/poets. Students may not write their own poems. Poems from obscure websites/self-published authors are not suitable for this event.

Learning Symposium IV

Science Fair & Easter Party: Each student will create a science experiment/project/research display or presentation.  Displays/presentation should include an explanatory poster/storyboard that describes the project, process, or design. Students may choose any science project; the project does not have to fall within the scope of current science classes.

Learning Symposium V

 Final Symposium (varies each year)