Surprise Scholé Academy

Essential Principles of Classical Pedagogy

Festina Lente (make haste slowly) 

The Academic Mentor works to ensure mastery of each step of learning, and does not 

advance students to further study until mastery has been reached. 


Multum Non Multa (much not many) 

The Academic Mentor prefers to teach a few things deeply and well rather

than cursorily covering many things that will not be mastered. 


Repetitio Mater Memoriae (repetition the mother of memory) 

The Academic Mentor understands that regular repetition and review is

necessary to acquire mastery. 


Embodied Learning 

The Academic Mentor understands that classical education aims first for

the formation of a human soul and thus seeks to cultivate each student by

bodily pathways and not only by rational means. 


Songs, Chants, and Jingles

The lower school Academic Mentor regularly (daily) employs songs,

chants, and jingles to help students master important information. 


Wonder and Curiosity

The Academic Mentor understands that all learning should be stimulated and

motivated by a student's natural wonder and curiosity about God, the world, and ourselves. 


Educational Virtues

The Academic Mentor's lesson plans reflect her effort to develop student

virtues such as love, humility, courage, temperance, constancy, diligence, and patience. 


Schole, Contemplation, and Leisure 

The Academic Mentor understands that contemplation and reflection are

necessary for students to deeply understand and love various manifestations

of truth, goodness, and beauty.